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social media. where people fake their lives. and other people believe it and feel down because they think their lives are just boring and empty.

i do think that people arround us, friends, family, and reputation control our social media. people can't be comfortable posting everything they do because we all know people will judge.

use your social media to help others, to speak out loud for people who don't have the courage to.

stop social media control.

you're free to post whatever you are.

bullying is no joke. while growing up, i faced a lot of bullying. i still face a lot everyday, but i learnt what to take into consideration and what to ignore.

if you face bullying at some point in your life, talk to someone about it. someone experienced won't bring you down, but instead will help you pass through any bad period of time.

if i'm gonna live like the people and the world want me to, success and happiness aren't coming in any way.

always do yourself. even if you're gonna get negative comments about yourself, what matters is that you're happy and comfortable with yourself.

thank you for little mix for always inspiring me, and helping me being a better person and accepting myself. these pictures were inspired by the music video for the song "strip" from their fifth studio album "lm5". #stripwithlittlemix #stripchallenge #littlemix #leighannepinnock #jesynelson #jadethirlwall #perrieedwards @littlemix @leighannepinnock @jesynelson @jadethirlwall @perrieedwards . #LittleMixStrictlyComeDancing

depression. a whole universe in your mind. you are happy. out of nowhere, a vibe will disturb you. you know the reason? no. that's the major problem. speaking out loud about it, making the victims of depression feeling they're not alone in this, will make you feel ten times better.
300 million people arround the world have depression. anyone you know might be one of them. always ask about your loved ones. you might help just by asking if your loved ones are ok.

thank you for my dear friend @haddadcarl for helping me bring my vision to life. thank you for helping me raise awareness.

share to help 1 of the 300 million people.


my smile, she's the reason.

when the music gets so loud, and the guys are all arround, do you think about us.

i look really short for a 197 guy.

try living in a woman's world.

oh, i need you more than words can say.

i was a little left out, but i'm not anymore.

the tears fell down, but they don't anymore.

a hope, a bloom.

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