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.آ د ي  🌈he is a rainbow, but she is color blind 🎙artist 👫gemini 🎶little mix 🔮kakorrhaphiaphobia 🏴black addict

im okay with not being perfect 'cause thats perfect to me.

nothing feels like you.

you keep me wild, i'll keep you safe.

when the soul is ready, the mate will appear. my soulmates.

ive got a young heart and its wild and free, i dont know where it starts, but it ends with you & me. you entered it in seconds and never left it. you stood up by me when nobody did you and this lil guy @eliemouawad_ :p
on this special day i wanna thank you for being my everlasting wife and for every laugh that we had together, every memory we made, every hug we had.
and fun fact for this special day: milk can be transformed to yogurt at 180 degrees so there's no chance yogurt can evaporate :p

excuse me, baby girl, just had to dance with you now.

you can count on me like 1 2 3.

you're so fucking precious when you smile.

im sick of dragging you up, all you do is pull me down.

i wonder does it blow your mind that im leaving you far behind.

loving you had consequences.

we don't even have to try, it's always a good time.

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