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Ed Coan Powerlifter  Worlds greatest Powerlifter

@berrydemey used to bring his own Xmas tree with him!!! My old buddy!!

I had to😈😜

Powerlifting is always fun!!

My Canada buddy, @morrissette316_

Almost everything can work if you create a doable routine!!

Me against the SuperHeavyweights in the day!! Never back down from a good fight!

Repost from @cody_nolove using @RepostRegramApp - Maddox Hyde 333 Ohio ST. Reynoldsville, PA 15851 they are on the way buddy!!

Repost from @josh_lenartowicz using @RepostRegramApp - I saved this many years back and it’s always stuck with me. No matter what head start you think someone has or even that you may have will not guarantee success. Potential is common, put the work in and take advantage of the opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity before it’s too late. Follow @whiteboardlessons Craig Harper for life improving truth bombs.

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We should all try and live by this! Repost from @underthebar using @RepostRegramApp - One of the biggest promises I have ever made in my life was made to a woman I knew for only a few days and will probably never see again. Yet, that promise had a major impact on many lives and will continue to for many years to come.
You have to know the nature of the relationship before you open your mouth and say something you will regret later. You need to take time and think before you speak. In today’s world, a person’s word means nothing. This is a very sad, yet true, thing. You really can’t trust what anyone tells you and need always to look out for your own best interests. However, there are still people out there who choose to keep their word no matter what the outcome. I feel a man is only as good as his word, and that is the way it should be. Now just because I said you can’t trust anyone does not mean you have to be like everyone else. As the old saying goes, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?” You can be one of the few who are known as a trusted friend, business partner, parent, and spouse. This is not without its consequences. You have to be willing to deal with the truth. For many, it is much easier to lie than deal with the truth.
“Take care of him.” With tears in her eyes, this was what was asked of me by Blaine’s birth mother as we departed with my new son. Blaine was my first adopted son and one of the best experiences of my life. I gave her my word that I would take care of him, and I have no intention of breaking it. If I keep my word, by the time Blaine reads this he will know the true meaning of “a promise.” If I do not keep this promise, then he will know I am not a man of my word. If you are a man or woman of your word, then you will never have to tell anyone—they will already know.
What do they know about you?
The wealthiest man in the world may not loan you money to make a phone call, while the person who is very down on his luck may just give you the world.

Love these!! Repost from @mbslingshot using @RepostRegramApp - 12 - 10 - 2018x release of the new #WrapLikeAnAnimal

You don’t need anything fancy to be the best. You need WillPower and Determination!! @apemanstrong @marksmellybell @stanefferding @jbboss_lifters4lifters @willliftforchocolate @jesseburdick

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