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⚔️Eddie Stacey⚔️  ⚫️CHAOTIC BLACKWORK⚫️15 yrs tattooing⚡️believer in space wizards ⚡️golden rules⚡️hard work & FAMILY⚡️traditions & innovations⚡️ AUFC⚡️COYS⚡️BRAVES


Officially trippin

The slavic god Veles in chaotic, one of my favorites to work on yet, cheers #chaoticblackworkers #chaoticblackwork #blackwork @inkanddaggertattoo @redemptiontattoocare #eddiestacey

" Oh no, my young Jedi. You will find that it is you who are mistaken, about a great many things." I'm having a great time with this chaotic 3/4 Star Wars sleeve, probably annoyed several people that day impersonating the emperor, but for me it was good fun #chaoticblackwork @chaoticblackworkers #chaoticblackworkers #blackwork @inkanddaggertattoo @redemptiontattoocare #eddiestacey

Wolf man portrait I did last week, thanks for viewing #eddiestacey @inkanddaggertattoo @redemptiontattoocare

So this aired on @foxsportssouth this week, my kids got to see their dad on cable TV, proud to be connected to this great organization in any capacity, but @atlutd has really given me an honor by this segment and a "behind the stripes" feature TBA, thanks to everyone who worked on this, made a fan feel included, and for that I thank you #uniteandconquer #5stripes now let's get that cup

Mildly chaotic eagle, going to start sleeving a patriotic arm next #chaoticblackwork #blackwork #blackworkers #eddiestacey @redemptiontattoocare @inkanddaggertattoo

Chaotic Pegasus is the start of a mythological animal sleeve I'm working on #chaoticblackwork #blackwork #eddiestacey @inkanddaggertattoo @redemptiontattoocare

Big Bucket list item marked off, I made Atlanta United's IG and even the website, I'm appearing in a video on Atlanta United's website as well as a "behind the stripes " article and I'm blown away by it, if you know me you know I'm a relentless Atlanta United supporter and this whole experience has been an honor for me, and I appreciate all involved, cheers @atlutd #uniteandconquer now let's plow through the playoffs!!

Fenrir, Odin and a Valkyrie in a Norse leg sleeve done on a cool client, chaotic and Norse is like pb and j, or death and battle or government and taxes, it just works #chaoticblackwork #chaoticblackworkers #blackworkmatters #blackworkisbeautiful #blackworkandproud #eddiestacey

Athena brings all the spears to her side, cunning and strong willed, this was a fun piece I did recently on a chaotic #chaoticblackwork chaoticblackworkers #eddiestacey

Chaotic cicada on a pine cone, getting to a very rewarding place artistically and I appreciate my clients engaging on this journey with me, cheers y'all #chaoticblackwork #blackwork #blackworkers #eddiestacey

Really had fun with this tattoo, more por favor, very appreciative of all the interest and support for the new direction I've taken that's already been pioneered by a few amazing artists from Dublin to Toronto to Brazil and a couple other places, in holding the torch for the US because I don't know of any other chaotics in America, if you know if any please message me there names, I'd love to connect with like minded artists...because I'm a pig, a fascist pig (for those who know) cheers

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