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Occupational Therapist | TRX  Neuro-IFRAH Certified Stroke & Ortho Rehab Specialist BS | MS | Proud Doctorate Dropout TRX Black Rank | Creator @trxblackranks Contact Me Here👇🏾👇🏾


TBT on this Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day everyone & give these Rip Trainer movement patterns a try 😉

Get yo ninja on 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾.

Real talk... 💯⠀

Read below 👇🏾👇🏾.⠀

Why can’t you come out of school and have a sustainable & profitable business right out of school... even if you took loans?⠀

With this digital age we are in right now, this is 100% possible if you play your hand right.⠀

Lately, I have been getting asked about my business journey from many OT students from all over.⠀

See, what schools and businesses don’t tell you is that you will be getting fair market value as an entry level therapist...but once you see what your billable treatment time is worth versus what you actually get paid for, well then things may change for you.⠀

It did for me.⠀

I found this information out while in graduate school on my level 2 fieldwork & and was none to pleased.⠀

So I took a job that paid nothing because it was “renowned”, & quit in 3 months.⠀

Then I hired a head hunter who got me a 20k raise, but I knew on day one that I hated it & I would quit. I only lasted about 3 months.⠀

I kept a PRN position at major hospital system after quitting the 2nd job & for 30 days straight cold called every place I could think of in particular radius of where’re I was living at the time, & so did my friend/fellow graduate OT student.⠀

We were trying to start our own OT contracting company by more than doubling our rates & reaching out to as many places as we could.⠀

We got nothing for the first 27 days!⠀

Then days 28, 29, & 30 between the two of us, we got around 7 contracts for more than double the rate, & those contracts included over 10 facilities.⠀

I was so nervous, & was glad we didn’t quit.⠀

We didn’t even have an office, nor had we incorporated yet (but soon after did in Legal Zoom).⠀

That experience taught me a lot, & 3 years later I moved backed to Houston, nearly doubled my rates again (my skills got better), & was working full time with private clients & 1 exclusive contract simply by word of mouth.⠀

I started adding TRX & functional training services to my services & never looked back.⠀

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or have a fancy office to do your own thing!⠀

I‘ll make a video about this to share in more detail for all you OT students following.

Gotta mix it up sometimes bruh 🙌🏾

Give this TRX workout a try 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
🎼 @wizkhalifa
Track: City View

Rip trainer work... 💯⠀

🎼 @hippieabotage
Track: Save Me

TRX + balance & plyo fun 😉⠀

🎼 @hippiesabotage
Track: Mirror

Give this basic workout a try, preferably outdoors. 🙌🏾

No one cares about what you know, or your titles... they just need you to help them to be empowered so eventually they don’t need you anymore. So just do that. ⠀

I’ve been working with my friend for over two years now. He suffered a stroke in early in life & had no use of his left arm, had misaligned scapulas, posture, external rotation when he walked, three ambulatory orthotics and much, MUCH more.⠀

Today, I’m glad to say he walks without any orthotics whatsoever, has perfectly aligned scapulas, and has returned to driving safely on his own.⠀

He passed his driving test!⠀

We worked on the basics in the begining, did hundreds of hours of just stretching, joint mobilizations, orthotic management, electrical stimulation, TRX, balance training, mobility training, pool work and much more.⠀

He has literally worked with me over 700 hours to recover from his stroke.⠀

He inspires me to bring my A game and be more creative. ⠀

The first time we met from a word of mouth referral, he told me he went to the BEST facilities and was dissapointed in his progress.⠀

I told him bluntly, “If you don’t work or try hard, then I will give you your money back because I love neuro rehab & won’t waste my time if you don’t give honest effort or follow my instructions”.⠀

It’s best o be honest. 💯⠀

We started with the basics & the moment he could something well... we increased the task demands (appropriately).⠀

The brain loves challenge & stimulus. We are hardwired to be rewired (look up Hebb’s Law, Dynamic Systems Theory, & neuroplasticity).⠀

If you’re a clinician I highly recommend taking Neuro IFRAH courses... they could help you.⠀

I’m looking forward to even more recovery with each session.⠀

Keep it playful bro... 😉

If you haven’t tried out 👉🏾 @theragun yet, then get on it. 💯💯💯⠀

I’m coming up with some creative teaching videos to share with you all & look forward to making them soon.⠀

I have some pretty cool ideas in mind that I think you will find some use for with your patients/clients of varied presentations.⠀

This will be an ongoing theme for a while, but I’d like to shoot a lot of content in advance instead of stressing about making vidoes for several IG accounts.⠀

I’m looking forward to this project. Should be fun. 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾⠀

Music credit @atribecalledquest
Track: Ego

If I’m being honest 💯...⠀

I don’t like labels & never will. I don’t care about degrees, titles, ranks, blah, blah, blah.⠀

I just like learning, pursuing excellence, being creative, connecting with dope human beings, continuously moving & having a positive impact.⠀

People ask me all the time why I chose to be an OT instead of a PT.⠀

Honestly... I just always liked science, movement & learning, but I thought I’d get bored with athletes (initially I thought I’d do athletic training).⠀

I don’t actually think of myself as an OT really. I just think of it as being in the business of creative problem solving... that’s it.⠀

I’m just Eddie... with no labels.⠀

I wear a lot of hats & I like them all. 😉⠀

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