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Sending it into the weekend like... | EB climbing athlete @mason_earle taking the plunge after topping out above partner @mattsegal during a Maltese odyssey | P: @andrew_burr | #liveyouradventure

EB kayak athletes @ckorbulic and @redonkulous2u, and @pedrolivakaiak on a Class V adventure down the Iso Gorge on Papua New Guinea's New Britain Island | P: @ckorbulic | #liveyouradventure

EB climbing athlete @mason_earle blurring the lines between epic expedition and epic vacation. Taking a break for conquering the towering cliffs Gozo, Malta | P: @andrew_burr | #liveyouradventure

Think warm thoughts | Loc: Papua New Guinea | P: @ckorbulic

Is #wanderlustwednesday a thing? This shot of EB alpine guide @carolinewaregeorge getting ready to rope up and climb sea spires in Thailand sure makes us wish we were there | P: @jimsurette | #liveyouradventure

Can you spot Eddie Bauer alpine climbing guide @melissaarnot on this big wall in El Potrero, Chico, Mexico? | P: @davidcmorton | #liveyouradventure

“Yesterday, we had 200 people, 250 people on the Rwanda side following us, local villagers … there was one guy … he started scouting the drops for us, trying to pick out lines with hand signals. In fact, I’d run a huge rapid, I was the last to run one of the biggest rapids of yesterday, dropped 50-60 feet through this massive cataract, and I didn’t see the rest of my team. And I was able to signal to the bank on the Rwanda side … asking them where the rest of the paddlers were. They told me that they were still upstream … these people are extremely excited by what we’re doing out here on the river.” - @redonkulous2u on kayaking the Ruzizi River on the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo | P: @ckorbulic | #liveyouradventure

Want to #liveyouradventure in one of the most beloved National Parks in the country? Explore Acadia National Park (#arcadianationalpark ) in all its fall grandeur with @AmericanForests, an organization we’ve supported for more than two decades, Oct. 6-10, 2017 for incredible hiking, carriage rides, iconic New England scenery and, of course, lobster. To learn more, click link in bio

Spring has sprung, can ya feel it? Happy vernal equinox, friends! | Loc: Australia* | P: @tbfrost | #liveyouradventure | *Happy autumnal equinox to our southern hemisphere friends!

"Brought together by mutual friends here and gone like many brothers in the world wide river community, I initially had plans with ol' Justin Venable for a few missions. Our first day paddling together he broke a rib, and regardless of whether or not we would have been able to follow through with the tentative plans, it threw me for a loop. I scrapped together paddling plans and groups through my trip, coupled with days off the water seeing other parts of this amazing country until the @gradientandwater team returned from their SE Asian adventure. We tried a first descent and failed, making my record with Jordy a solid 0-3. We'll get one sometime bro! Mid tail-tuck escaping from that attempt we decided to just get on a classic West Coast heli run, the Mungo section of the upper Hokitika. After a series of incredible gorges and whitewater, I can safely say it's one of the most amazing sections of river I've ever paddled and the perfect way to finish things up down here. I can't say enough thanks to all the wonderful Kiwi's who helped me along the way with a local tip or just a place to park, and owe this great experience wholly to the people here! It's been top top New Zealand, looking forward to the next." - @ckorbulic | P: @ckorbulic | #liveyouradventure

Dreaming of different sun days. In the Florida Keys with EB fishing guide @andrewfishes | P: @sozinhoimagery | #liveyouradventure

"Like a pale ivory tusk, Motutakae rose some 800 feet directly out of the turbulent sea. We had Cyrill take us closer to inspect. Thousands of birds circled the giant tower. The rock seemed otherworldly, a pale white with giant black caves, like a skull’s eyes. We picked a line that ascended the most prominent prow on the western face. The first pitch traversed off the tidal ledge that the boat deposited us on. Behemoth South Pacific swells nipped at our heels as we climbed into the unknown. The occasional lurking shark reminded us why we were roped up, so close to the water. The climbing was fantastic. We followed a crack system, but the face was also riddled with pockets that made for great handholds. Our vantage point above the turquoise sea was better than any aquarium. Schools of fish danced below us, and giant manta rays glided slowly by. We saw sharks, and even a lone sea turtle. The birds were kind to share the few ledges on the route with us, though I’m sure they were at least a little uncomfortable with the arrangement." - @mason_earle | Loc: Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia | P: @andrew_burr | #liveyouradventure

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