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Eddie Bauer  Inspiration to #LiveYourAdventure since 1920. Follow the EverestNoFilter redemption journey on Snapchat👇🏽


We're going up. @coryrichards & @adrianballinger have made it safely to the N. Col camp (23,000'). They are only days away from the summit. Follow along as they make their final push through what is forecasted to be a great window of weather. Follow along on SnapChat. Link in bio. #LiveYourAdventure.

This is it. It's time to climb.
@coryrichards and @adrianballinger leave for Advanced Base Camp tomorrow. On the 24th they head to the Norh Col (23,000'). On the 25th they will climb to C2 (24,750'). By the 26th they'll arrive at C3 (27,390'). And on the 27th....they plan to summit!
Follow along live on SnapChat (#EverestNoFilter). Link in bio. #LiveYourAdventure | 📸@estebantopomena

@Adrianballinger & @Coryrichards are spending the night tonight at an elevation of 21,000ft. They are cherishing the "comfortable" conditions for now because by mid-week they will be strapping up and heading to N. Col to continue their journey to the summit. Follow the action live on SnapChat (#EverestNoFilter). Link in bio. #LiveYourAdventure | P: Mark Stone

Respecting Everest and realzing that she is in control is the only way you'll have a chance to reach the summit. @adrianballinger has the utmost respect for the mountain and the entire process. "After spending the last 10 springs of my life on #Everest, I can tell you this: no amount of planning, dreaming or wishing will guarantee the outcome. And that is what makes it so damn meaningful. Some talk to the mountain; some pray to the mountain; some curse the mountain. It doesn't care. I find it free-ing. You do all you can, and then you damn well better pay attention to the signs - weather, conditions and your body. Read the signs wrong and you still get killed up here." Follow the expedition on SnapChat. Link in bio.

Who's helping you #LiveYourAdventure this weekend? Here we see one of the many sherpa who have been assisting @coryrichards & @adrianballinger as they prepare to push towards the summit of Everest. Don't miss a moment of the action as the two document the entire expedition on SnapChat. Link in bio. | P: Cory Richards

The boys are back! They've returned to base camp rested, rejuvenated and ready for redemption. Follow along on SnapChat as they make their final preparations for the push towards the summit without supplemental oxygen. Link in bio. #LiveYourAdventure | P: @adrianballinger

Sometimes the best plan is no plan. Grab your gear, your friends, and your camera and get lost this weekend. We love being part of your adventure, so be sure to include #LiveYourAdventure in your weekend adventure posts. | 📷: @jasonhummel featuring @kylemiller411 in the North Cascades

Repost: Sage words from @adrianballinger on the true gravity of making the best decisions during a high-altitude climb:
As many climbers attempt their #Everest summit right now (hundreds are expected on the South Side, a few dozen on the North), in what appears to me to be a quite marginal (read shitty) summit window, I worry. I worry for clients who perhaps do not have the experience to make their own conservative decisions when conditions become too much. And I especially worry for High Altitude Workers (Sherpa and other ethnic groups) like this one. .
Our Sherpa have extensive training (thanks to @khumbuclimbingcenter), cutting edge equipment (thanks to @eddiebauer), solid leadership (thanks to @alpenglowexpeditions) and carry a max of 40lbs (18kg) to ensure they can move quickly and nimbly in the mountains. But this is unfortunately not the standard. With no regulation of HAW's on Everest, you often see inexperienced workers with inadequate equipment helping climbers that can't make the hard decisions up high. This is what leads to unnecessary accidents, on both sides of the mountain. .
Here's hoping for conservative decision-making, and a safe 72 to 96 hours.
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#TBT When the rock calls, someone has to answer. @mason_earle floating, mid-dyno in #Moab #Utah. Have cool pics of your own? Be sure to tag them #LiveYourAdventure! | 📷: @eliza_earle

A bit more color and a new perspective for @adrianballinger and @coryrichards today. They’ve completed their final acclimatization and have dropped down to ≈14,000 feet to recover—but they aren’t getting too comfortable. In just a few days, they’ll be back in thinner air, prepping for their final push to the top of Everest. You can watch on Snapchat as they get closer to the peak 🌄(link in bio). | 📷: Adrian Ballinger #EverestNoFilter #LiveYourAdventure

In the words of @coryrichards, “If you’ve ever asked ‘Why?‘, this is a pretty good answer.” 🙌🏽 Richards and @adrianballinger are edging closer to their final climb to the top of Everest without oxygen. Follow their daily updates on Snapchat (link in bio). #LiveYourAdventure

Big thanks to @moonmountainman for the awe-inspiring shot of Glacier Peak. A good reminder that views like this are worth hiking for.
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