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Say "cheese," Huxley! Is anybody else’s favorite adventure bug their pup? Share their name in the comments! .
Photo: @brooke_weeber

Celebrating the original outdoorsman, Eddie Bauer. Born October 19, 1899 Eddie knew how to live his adventures to the fullest, and set the path for the rest of us to get outside and enjoy nature. Happy birthday, Eddie! #LiveYourAdventure​

Are you getting stoked for winter adventures? We sure are! Make sure you’ve got a jacket that keeps you warm and protected from the elements, so you can focus on the tasks at hand, not on the weather.​ Photo: @austinschmitzphotography Climber: @ajdercole #LiveYourAdventure

This photo hits a lot of the criteria for a perfect photo. A mountain? ✔️ Sunset over a mountain? ✔️ Adventurer enjoying the sunset over a mountain in her Downlight® Stormdown® jacket? ✔️
Photo: @blackcoffee.mt #liveyouradventure

Between a rock and a hard place is where @adrianballinger likes to hang tight.

On chilly autumn days, everyone and their dog is going to wish they had a cozy pair of boots like these.​

Photo: @LarryTheGolden #LiveYourAdventure

A new season with new adventures to be had.

Photo: @ckorbulic #LiveYourAdventure

Sometimes when you search for paradise, you find it.
Photo: @mitchell5499 #LiveYourAdventure

Sendtember is over. Not to worry…there’s still plenty of Rocktober left! Got any climbing trips planned? #LiveYourAdventure​

Climber: @aimeesilver

Photo: @jens.bracht ​ ​

Good boy approved.
Photo: @scottnewsomeeaglepass #LiveYourAdventure

Caption this! Best captions will win a story feature.
Photo: @the.real.dantemme #LiveYourAdventure

“There’s a nip in the air and I’m going to get to work making an ornate assortment of gourds in the van, maybe even let some red and orange leaves blow around inside so there’s no question what season it is. It’s Fall, the weather up here is beautiful, and it’s time to harvest.”
Photo: @ckorbulic #LiveYourAdventure

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