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Title: QuizUp
Category: Game
Review: QuizUp is a social based online trivia game with over 500 topics ranging from The Legend of Zelda to riddles. The social aspects and the UI are both well done making QuizUp easy to use. The reason topics and questions are being added at the pace they are is because of the contribution system where you can apply to become a contributor and add topics and questions. QuizUp is available for IOS( iPhone, iPad etc ) and androids for free. Overall QuizUp is the definitive trivia game dispote flaws( Only 1v1 and if your opponent disconnects you don't get any points ). Question: what is ur favourite topic in QuizUp??? #trivia #quiz #QuizUp #quizup #love #online #question #game #free #videogame #cool #awesome #fun #socal #topics #topic #review #rating #ratings #game #video #music #reviews #yes #getit #fantastic #thelegendofzelda #riddles

Title : Team Fortress 2
Category: Game
Review: Team Fortress 2 is a fun FPS game it really is. For one the game is incredibly balanced and well thought out. One of the appeals of tf2 is the class each one is fun, balanced and unique playing Spy is completely different than playing Heavy this is part of what makes tf2 so addictive. The graphic style is also awesome it's cartoonish in a neat way. In terms of modes and maps there are a lot of options 8 main team based modes plus man vs machine which is quite different than the rest of the game and brings a lot of new ideas to tf2. The fun aesthetics and great varied gameplay combine for an awesome game.
Question: what is your favourite class in tf2??? #tf2 #Teamfortress2 #TF2 #fun #awesome #cool #valve #Valve #Games #Game #game #games #videogames #Portal2 #Dota2 #Scout #Spy #Denoman #Heavy #Sniper #Medic #Solder #Pyro #Guns #FPS #cool #review #review #rating

Title: JL8
Category: Book( Web-Comic )
Review: JL8 is a free web comic about the justice league in elementary school and its actually pretty funny/cute. The characters include Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Wonder woman and more, Of you have kids read it with them if you are a kid read it of your an adult and not a parent then you should still read it. Good fun plus it's free.

Score: 76/100

Title: Batman: Arkham City
Category: Game
Review: Batman Arkham City is the definitive batman game, on top of the main story there's riddler challenges, Main Story+, side missions, and more. In terms of villains this game has an extremely extensive amount of them such as The Joker, Mr Freeze, The Riddler, Hugo Strange, R'as Al Ghul and more. With the dlc( or game of the year/armoured editions ) cat woman and Robin( Tim Drake ) become playable characters. One of the best things about the game is the combat which is so satisfying it feels like popping bubble wrap probably my favourite combat in a game ever. The plot although good isn't perfect with a few weak parts. The game is open world although not as fleshed out as some open world games and the districts don't have a unique feel to them.

Score: 95/100
Question: who is your favourite
batman villain???
PS I accede tally deleted my first review of this game at 30 something likes so plz like.
#Batman #batmanarkhamcity #villain #videogame #game #games #gamestagram #cool #fun #awesome #review #rating #superhero #super #hero #DC #dc #sweet #bat

Title: The Book Thief
Category: Book
Review: if I had to sum this book up in one word it would be memorable, the whole thing is a memorable, and humen tale. The premise is although interesting not as good as the rest of the book bit it only gets better and better. It makes me feel like I've met the characters in real life, the character development is that good. One of the many things I like about this game is how instead of taking advantage of ww2 to create a traditional good vs evil story it shows ww2 for what it really was a horrible war that effected the whole world evan Germany in many ways. Apart from the slow beginning this book is near perfect, definitely one you should read.
Author: Markus Zusak
Score: 98/100

Review: Community is one of my favourite shows, it has quirky characters and makes you laugh a lot. It has some rly unique episodes and is constantly trying new things in the beginning of season 1 and in season 4 it isn't as good but still hilarious overall this is an amazing show. Score: 96/100( Sometimes I watch it to put myself to sleep )

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