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𓁿 Ed Capos 𓁿  ☥ Hermetic Analog-Collage Artist ☥ ☥ Seeker and communicator of truths ☥ ☥ Traversing the Tree of Life ☥ *All collages are handcut & compiled by me*

“God wants to be born in the flame of man’s consciousness… God needs man in order to become conscious, just as he needs limitation in time and space. Let us therefore be for him limitation in time and space, an earthly tabernacle.” - #CarlJung

Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

"Mercurial Affirmation"
The triumph of spirit over matter.
Handcut Collage By Ed Capos

"Why has been the eternal question in nature, and the letter Y is it's phonetic equivalent, for it forms the sling that hurls the white stone at the forehead of Goliath. The latter represents the false darkness, while the stone represents true illumination. In Egypt, the point where the arms of the Y converge was called the forking of the ways. The candidate for spiritual things always stands at the point where the three arms of the Y come together, carrying in his hand the scales of discrimination. As long as he measures blindfolded, his weights will be just; but woe unto him if he removes the blindfold, for the two eyes themselves give birth to good and evil. [...] Those who follow the right hand path enter into one of the seven rays which lead to immortality; while those who follow the left-hand path enter the ray that leads to ultimate crystalization. Both lead to darkness—one to the immortal darkness of divine union, and the other to the mortal darkness of divine annihilation." - Manly P. Hall

Untitled Handcut Collage

"Double Helix Headrush"

"Conflicting Trajectories"

“In our daily experience, for some reason, the average person seems to have greater
memory of his sorrows than of his joys.
He constantly feels himself restricted or burdened, and he develops certain
basic animosities against life.
The prejudices and opinions with which he burdens his inner life, bear witness
primarily to his own immaturity.
The individual must therefore recognize that in this
life, there is purpose; that we live not merely to suffer; that there is no particular merit or good in mere suffering, but that what we call suffering is a constant reminder to us of our own insufficiencies.
We must learn to accept it, and to realize that it is God’s way of reminding man of man’s own need, and not merely something to be born with patience or against which we should rebel with mental or emotional arrogance.
Suffering is the challenge of reality constantly besetting us.
It can attack in us nothing but our own weakness, and disturb only that which is not yet tranquil within itself.
Suffering is possible only because the individual is himself out of integration; he is not able to accept values for what they are.
The moment the individual is greater than his problem, he can no longer suffer from it, and it is no longer a possible source of evil. Having thus overcome this situation in his own consciousness, he no longer regards the world and other persons as evil, but recognizes that when problems beset him, it is because the universe imposes
discipline upon that which does not discipline itself.
Just as a good parent must sometimes discipline the child, and the child at the moment resents that discipline and enters into a private psychological world of his own,
filled with self-pity and a sense of injustice, so the soul itself, and the mind and the emotions, whenever presented with discipline, are inclined to develop self-pity.
The individual becomes sorry for himself instead of being sorry for the mistake he made, and this is a very serious misinterpretation of value, for it leads us constantly into
dangerous byways.” - Manly P. Hall (The Dark Night of the Soul)
Handcut Collage By: Ed Capos

"Desire & Will"

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