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Eric Dawkins  A husband to ONE, a father to TWO, a singer-songwriter producer. I'm changing the world 1 Note & a few bars at a time!

Finally!!! This Friday, March 1st “I Don’t Have The Heart”, my remake tribute to James Ingram will be available on most music media platforms. I hope that you enjoy, spread the word, and share. #timelessmusic #rip #jamesingram #tribute #realmusic #comingsoon

AVAILABLE NOW ON ALL MUSIC PLATFORMS My tribute to a legend, the late James Ingram. #timelessmusic #behonestwithyourself #honestwithyourfeelings #realmusic #tribute #rip

“I Don’t Have The Heart” Available soon! Tribute to the late James Ingram R.I.P. #legend #timelessmusic #love #heartbreak #honesty

There are pens, and there are PENS!!! I had the privilege of working with a PEN! We’ve been nominated for Grammys in the same category for our pens, but on this occasion we worked on the colors to bring that pen to life. Love Theory, out on iTunes today, is just one of the amazing songs on this project! I learned some things about this man that earned him a different respect from me. We ALL have flaws and we don’t do everything right, but when you’re able to admit and own those flaws it takes the stinger from haters and nay sayers. As big as @kirkfranklin is, in the studio he became the smallest one in the room. There was no suggestion that wasn’t considered, no idea that wasn’t explored, no dumb questions, and there was no gift taken for granted. There were 8 AWESOME gifts beside me in the booth! @anayshafigueroacooper @themelodienicole @minonssings @callmedeeda @charmainebroome @singamber @ikenice and @michaelbethanymusic We had a couple visitors as you can see @mrjamesfortune clowning with Kirk. We had fun, we laughed, cried, and shared, and it was all possible because of the vision of @kirkfranklin Thank you for the call Kirk. I can’t end this post without saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR!! #lovetheory #the9 (9 dope singers on bgvs) #dopestgroupofsingersononerecord

(Long Post Alert)
How bout this... while everyone is so concerned about Gladys and Kapernick, NOTHING you say, don’t say, or boycott the NFL is changing their bottom line(And by bottom line I mean their $$$). Nike alone has made $6Billion since they launched the Kapernick ad, and if you think he hasn’t gotten a nice piece of it you might be stupid. I’m assuming that Gladys ain’t missed a meal or skipped a bill, but if she has, my prayer is that this add to her financially! People are so quick to protest, get mad, and have a whole lot to say in one area but don’t stop to think that there are virtually hundreds of products that you use daily that are either manufactured, sold, funded, or distributed by a company that is OWENED by those same “clear” people that you have such a problem with. You don’t have to know your history to find racism. If you really wanna do something about it, start your own anything and use YOUR OWN MONEY and only accept support from people that look like you. Holler at me in a year when you’ve lost everything. This country was built on the idea that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything but that’s not true at all. There are millions of hard working people that will never know what it’s like to drive a new car, purchase their own home, or be able to afford healthcare, and so on and so on... I could go on and on but I’ll put a pin right here and say, the NFL cares NOTHING about anything or anyone that doesn’t make them money, so go right ahead and be mad at an entity that will NEVER know your name. Good day. #foodforthought #whoyoumadat #Do YouEvenKnowTheBlackNationalAnthem #whodoyousupport

The smile on @palexander2413 face is indicative of the love and protection he feels when he’s with us! I would absolutely kill or take a bullet for both of my children! @sierrajenee my 1st born awakened that protective instinct in me the day I laid eyes on her. God blessed me with 2 beautiful children and tomorrow we celebrate my youngest. I’m emotional 😭 #happyalmostbirthday #christmasevebaby #capricorn #5yearsold #daddysboy #mamasboy

His smile makes me smile! Happy-Almost-Birthday son!! #christmasevebaby #5yearsold ##capricorn #birthdaycountdown #daddysboy #mamasboy

This has to be one of my favorite video moments captured when Parker was about 1 1/2. I laugh every time I watch it and I’m sure you will too!

4 things you may not know about @palexander2413 1) He’s super loving but access to that side him doesn’t come easy. 2) I don’t think we’ll have to worry about him being playing the field because @ahjaaaahhhhhh has had his heart for the past 2yrs(Ask him who his girlfriend is) 3)He shares his birthday with my dad Bishop Roy C. Dawkins. 4) His cuteness doesn’t save him from “Hot Legs”(Spare the rod...) #birthdaycountdown #5yearsold #christmasevebaby #daddysboy #mamasboy #capricorn

In just 5 days, Christmas Eve, my son @palexander2413 will be 5yrs old, and you know it can be tricky sharing a birthday with one of the BIGGEST holidays of the year 😳. I will try to post something about Parker every day for the next 5 days. Show your love! He sees it 😏 Oh and if you wanna contribute to his birthday/Christmas experience, I’m accepting all cash app (iSing2), Venmo(edawkins69), and PayPal(PayPal.Me/parkersdad) gifts 🙌🏾 #wheredidthetimego #5yearsold #christmasevebaby #bigboy #mysidekick

Super proud of this moment with my sis @lexitelevision and my bro @dcbazz as we have theee #1 AC Christmas song in the country!! Friends for almost 30yrs and counting! Shout out to @tsmith75 on them bgvs with us 🙌🏾 Oh and the 2nd video with Mickey... 🤦🏾‍♂️😂 #christmasmusic #giveloveonchristmasday #numberone #tistheseason #ilovechristmas

Here’s something for your holiday playlist! NWJ “Let It Snow @ikenice @bigshiz @geraldhaddon @eyesofadon And yours truly @edawkins and track produced by @dbizzy_theproducer Merry Christmas Everybody!! On iTunes Now!! #boyziimen #brianmcknight #remakes #greatmusiclastsforever #klarkent #nwj

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