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Max H.  Halle (Saale), Germany

Damn, I haven't told you about my new anvil, have I? Well...I have an new anvil, a real one this time, not an old rusty piece of railroad track.
#anvil #forging

Finally had some time to light the forge again 😊

Spring is coming, they said. It's getting warmer, they said. πŸ˜†
#winterishere #nature

Well, I lost my last shield at the ConQuest 2017, so instead of buying a new one, let's just build one. #LARP #workinprogress

Weeeell, this happens, when you learn for your exams, get pissed because you doing it for 4 hours and still get nothing in your head. πŸ˜…

Uuh, hello there, looking good today
#Larp #Armor #Viking

Come and get your sweets 😈

Hey buddy, you don't look so good

Finally I had some time to work on the scull. Looks fine until now, but it needs more work to be finished #scull #halloween

Jawdropping picture πŸ˜† #halloween

A little prop for Halloween 😈

Halloween is coming, let's get ready to scare some kids 😈 The mask needs a bit more work and I still need a solution for the hair. Jason is bald and...well...I like my hair. I thought about a hood, but I am a bit uncertain at the moment.
#halloween #cosplay #JasonVoorhees

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