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Catalina turned two years old yesterday!

One of my favorite pics from the San Antonio trip of Catalina.

Catalina is a big fan of stickers!

Conway friends, please vote YES this Monday or Tuesday to raise our sales tax 3/8 of a cent to help fix our roads. I’m not a fan of raising taxes, but this tax is truly needed and it sunsets in 5 years. I could get to work in Southern California quicker than I can get to work in Conway! Plus, I can’t stand that Stanley Russ Road is in such horrible condition. Senator Russ deserves better and so do the rest of Conway citizens. Also, Dave Ward Drive, Oak Street and Harkrider all need desperate help. Please vote YES!

Today is my birthday. I wish I could say it's been an awesome day full of friends and fun. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Instead, it was a day of mourning the loss of my grandfather, John Green, who passed away at 6pm this afternoon. He left this world surrounded by loved ones and he will forever be missed. He joins his wife, Lucy Green, who passed in 2012.
A large part of Preston Linck and mine's childhood was spent at their house on Sunny Gap Road. Granddad taught us how to ride a bicycle in his back yard. My brother and I loved swinging on the tire swing in the front yard. We hammered nails into boards, although I don't remember actually building anything! We played with their two dogs, "Homer" and "Skipper." He had a two-acre farm with a variety of vegetables and a cool goldfish pond. The beehive and chicken coup in the back yard were cool, along with the different fruit trees and grape vines. It was a kid's paradise.
Granddad, who was a long time Guidian, always stressed the importance of having God in your life. He always encouraged me to not only go to church, but to get involved. Since moving away from Conway in 1997 after high school, I slipped away from the church. I became one of those Christmas and Easter guys. In June of 2014, I hit a rough patch in my life and was looking for answers. The one voice I could hear was Granddad Green saying, “You need to have Jesus in your life.” The next day, I went to Mariners Church in Irvine, CA. Three weeks later, I went on a first date with my future wife, Mariana Loya Linck! Thanks Granddad and God; you two make a great team!
I'll miss him. He was an incredible person. He lived life as God intended. He prayed constantly for his family and loved ones. After getting married, he asked Mariana for the spelling of everyone in her family so he could pronounce everyone's name correctly when he prayed for them. There was nothing more important to him than his faith. His family was a close second.
He was the first person to meet Catalina. Not by design though. We weren't seeing visitors at the hospital yet, b

There's a new intern at the Conway Chamber!

Fun seeing @talliahart speaking at ACCE! Women in Leadership

Even Catalina knows that rain on July 4th is no fun!

Catalina's first Easter included a trip to Ozark, AR. Arkansas is beautiful this time of year.

I think she likes the outdoors...

Connors State College around 1998. My grandparents came out for a double header.

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