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Sweet 16 only comes once - since time is such a ruthless specter - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our favorite HB local, @pnutlittle - These years will fly by and we will look back fondly at these moments... #edsphotoarchive

Happy 40th BIRTHDAY Diego the BUTCHER!!!!! @labucha - you rule. #edsphotoarchive #DiegoBucchieri

This man was riding across the country on a bike with a trailer hitched to the back and a makeshift tent/house built on top of it with a small solar panel charging a 12 volt battery giving him, "more power than I need" for music and light. I popped in to say hello and see his mobile sleep chamber. He was nice and positive spreading a message of, "Let's all talk or nothing will ever change." Which I agree with 100%. #DailyHBpierPhoto #HuntingtonBeach #SurfCityUSA

@agordz got one of my drawings permanently etched into her skin.

My install from the @deadbeatclub group show "Choices" at @akapdx gallery in Portland, OR, 2016

I've never ridden any other truck my entire life. @thundertrucks This is not a paid advertisement.

#PhotobookJousting: "The kids were alright" by @ryanmcginleystudios, published by @mca_denver / @rizzolibooks / @skiraeditore, 2016 - a collection of Ryan's early work from 1998-2003 featuring loads of polaroids and 35mm work along with essays and commentary from the people involved. Thanks for sending Ryan! Great book! #edsphotobooks

Fond memories of past athletic prowess. Nosegrind, Münster, 1998 shot by @cscnyc for Limited Magazine.

#PhotoBookJousting: "Autobiographies" by #MaxPam, published by @lafabrica_ 2016. A big never ending collage of his work, interviews, drawings, photos, examples of book dummies and his process. #edsphotobooks

#DailyHBpierPhoto: Sitting in a coffee shop with tinted glass when a guy in a furry costume (or maybe just his pajamas?) comes to primp his hair directly in front of me. You can see me there in his arm reflection. Too easy. The thing is you can see through the tint if you focus your eyes back, but he was in his own world. #DrifterDock #HuntingtonBeach

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