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Experimenting with the earth tones πŸ’…πŸΌ And of course, I'm wearing MURNI in Amber Gold by @alhumairacontemporary πŸ‘‘ #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

MURNI semi-instant dari @alhumairacontemporary sangat recommended untuk orang sibuk tapi masih ingin kelihatan bergaya. Cuma perlu sarung dan selimpangkan ke bahu, you're ready to go! 😍 #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

Comfort at its finest // MURNI premium raya shawl by @alhumairacontemporary ❄️ #LastDaySyawal #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

Everyone can be a princess in their own world! πŸ‘ΈπŸΌ can you see that flowy SERI by @alhumairacontemporary ? 😍 #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

When in doubt, wear SERI. The swarovski details enhance the classy yet elegance side of mine.❄️
SERI premium raya shawl in Cotton White by @alhumairacontemporary #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

@alhumairacontemporary inspire, women desire πŸ˜›πŸ’• Wearing MURNI premium raya shawl in Amber Gold. Get yours now from @alhumairacontemporary official agent @zuraidahsahlan πŸ‘‘ #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

Comfy & always on the go MURNI by @alhumairacontemporary πŸ’• #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

One of the reasons why I'm in love with Murni by @alhumairacontemporary is because of its material! The custom coloured korean chiffon is comfy, fuss free and exclusive with the swarovski details πŸ’› #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

Donning my all time favorito MURNI premium raya shawl in Amber Gold ✨
Psttt i got mine from @alhumairacontemporary official agent @zuraidahsahlan 😍 #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

Pinless effortlessly pretty yet flowy elegance MURNI by @alhumairacontemporary . Plus, it has a Swarovski crystal on the other side 😍 #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

Tbh, I'm not a big fan of instant or semi-instant shawl. But once I met this MURNI in Amber Gold, I can't help falling in love with her πŸ’› @alhumairacontemporary #SempurnaRaya2017 #SempurnaRayaOOTD

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