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Edward Emerson French  Ed French. Oscar nominated and Emmy Award winning Special FX Make-Up Artist. www.edfrenchmakeupfx.com


Sometimes a gringo needs to go to Mexico for a job.  I stayed at the Durango Holiday Inn while working on this in 2008. 

The Spectrum TV Spots were great fun in 2017. My amazeballs crew of monster making maniacs - Kevin Haney, Bart Mixon, Bruce Spaulding Fuller, Bob Maverick, Margaret Besarra-Prentice, Jackie Masteran, Kellly Capoccia, Ralis Kahn and Ned Neidhardt. Monster madness to be continued in 2018!

My unabridged reading of A Christmas Carol is (5 chapters) now streaming on the Fiction Fantastique Channel.  Charles Dickens RULES!  www.YouTube.com/frenchedward06. 
Merry Christmas!

MONSTER MAKE-UP! For your consideration in the category of Best Makeup for a Commercial or Music Video in the forthcoming Guild Awards

The Hollywood Guild of Makeup & Hair Stylists Local 706 will hold this Awards ceremony in February.

OLD SCHOOL makeup FX. A Mission Impossible style pull off mask gag for a Campbell's Chunky Soup TV spot (circa 1990's) where John Elroy was supposedly masquerading as Terrel Davis.....actually, it may have been an actress masquerading as John Elroy's mother wearing a Terrel Davis mask.......(perhaps it's still on line somewhere) ...anyway, it was a urethane mask based on a lifecast I took of Davis. Lab work, molding and urethane fabrication by Jeff Farley. Painting and detailing by myself back in the days before C.G. 12.07.17 E.E.F.

“ STAR TREK VI; The Undiscovered Country” in 1991. Working in my capacity as Special Makeup Effects Artist for S.T. VI, it was for many years difficult for me to objectively discuss the merits of either my work or the film itself. Now it appears to be the highlight of this journeyman's career. The alien makeups put me on the ticket for a “Best Makeup” Oscar nomination, but lost to “ TERMINATOR II” (ironically, another film I had worked on in 1991). Pictured are Iman as Martia  a shape-shifting alien who becomes "Brute Martia," stuntman Tom Morga. STSix opened December 6, 1991.

Just got the word that these ghouls are returning for more award winning  TV spots and horror hilarity! Special Makeup orchestrated by myself.

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