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Edward Emerson French  Ed French. Oscar nominated and Emmy Award winning Special FX Make-Up Artist. www.edfrenchmakeupfx.com


The Fiction Fantastique Channel. The audio library of fantasy, horror, Sci-Fi  stories as told by An Oscar nominated and Emmy Award winning Special Effects Makeup Artist.

Kirby Buckets.....YES. This is what they call me to do.....
and YOU can too! www.edfenchmakeupfx.com

The M.I. Memorial at Fort Bragg, North Carolina created by Ed French .

Einstein makeup for A.T.& T. commercial a few years back. www.edfrenchmakeupfx.com
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Fiction Fantastique Channel:

The 1931 Weird tale that later became the motion picture FIEND WITHOUT A FACE (1958). A performance reading by Oscar nominated, Emmy & Hollywood Makeup Artist Guild winner Ed French.  NOW PLAYING! at www.YouTube.com/frenchedward06

The most recent addition to the channel is my performance reading of "The Man Who Evolved" by Edmond Hamilton.

Monsters are fun when they're frightening. But they're totally amazeballs when they're just being their plain old mundane selves, as in this amusing ad campaign from Spectrum Communications, created out of the New York creative boutique Something Different and directed by David Shane of O Positive. What makes the spots is the monsters (of course!), impeccably cast and then put into ghoulish, but humorous Special Prosthetic make-ups created by an Oscar nominated and Emmy Award winning Make-up artist......... me..... Ed French. Photo: makeup artist Bruce Spaulding Fuller, “ Demon” Jacob Zachar and myself (oh, sooo tired and ancient) on the set of the Spectrum Communications spot entitled “Surprise” shot back on March 3rd, 2017. The tricky thing was taking these super tropey 1930's movie monster clichés and making them feel like dimensional characters. Look out for more of these spots starring famous monsters of film land in July. There’s something great and oddly timely about the idea of these evil, monstrous entities thinking someone else is more horrible than they are.......
6.19.17 E.E.F.

Stunt double prosthesis (foam rubber) sculpted, molded and fabricated for Arnold Schwarzenegger movies (TRUE LIES, etc.)by Ed French.  Jeff Dawn was Arnold's personal makeup artist.  The appliances were created for stuntman Billy Lucas. www.edfrenchmakeupfx.com

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