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Pro tip: Arms are too small for a good IG selfie? Don't fret! Find a preacher curl machine or bench, drag it to the best lighting you can find, and abuse the edit feature on the photo. Preacher curl selfies are scientifically proven to add 5" to your arms and lighting/filters are proven to reduce bodyfat by 10%.
πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜… #adobegainz #offseason #objectsinmirrormaybefrailerthantheyappear

#2013 - #2017
A lot of hard work went into getting better at this sport and we're still figuring things out with @darkhorsefitness01 .
I'm so grateful to have the support system and team i have and love you all.
Bigger and dryer next year, let's shoot for JR USAs or JR Nationals....

Probably my most impressive and embarrassing before and after... As most of you know, on December 26th I was rushed to the ER for an emergency appendectomy. A little over a month later I was cleared to go back to the gym.
Above, you see what a lot of hard work and great support from friends and family can do in a little over 4 months.
I'm 1 week out from my 6th NPC show and regardless of the outcome, I'm so grateful to have been given this opportunity.
Now let's bring home some hardware!

Thank you all:
@shorty461 @darkhorsefitness01 @frederick_footballandfitness @drpetechirohealth @smithmx105
And everyone else

Feeling fairly confident about this show... so long as I can make it through these last 2 weeks...
Big props to my good friend and coach @darkhorsefitness01

When you're less than 3 weeks out but you got a workout buddy to push you through a heavy set. #455

Trying to fit a whole show prep in 9 weeks isn't fun... The next 3 weeks are going to be brutal but we're getting there. Just might make it on stage after all....

Got me a little change of scenery today. @kevinvillanuevafitness @corado__physique this one has a bathroom upstairs! What a crazy concept lol #7weeksout

So when I said no more ego or heavy lifting I lied... #455 for 5... Coach @darkhorsefitness01 I think you're gonna have to officially ban me from #deadlifts so I don't hurt myself haha
Video Cred: @corado__physique

So this #315 attempt hurt a little but oddly it was the #275 set after where I pulled my left pec... Won't be pushing any more this week... I think that was my warning sign to stop #egolifting lol Thanks for the spot @tootsmcgooots and the camera work @kevinvillanuevafitness lol

Sunday's football doubleheader didn't stop #deadliftday with @gundal.chung ! Of course the beautiful @shorty461 always there to push and support me. #405 felt heavy af but it still went up... #thatswhatshesaid

Hi my name is Fernando and I hate squats... at least 315 looks kinda heavy with all those bumper plates on there lol Great workout today with @kevinvillanuevafitness I tried to keep up...

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