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Another good album I heard today. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizards last album Flying Microtonal Banana is one of my fav albums this year and so is this one, Murder of the Universe. 21 apocalyptic tracks. These guys are consistently good. Can't wait to see them live in september. #kingGizzardAndTheLizardWizard #MurderOfTheUniverse #FlyingMicrotonalBanana

BOY YEEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH #VinceStaples #BigFishTheory This album is a summer banger

"when I look at you, it's like your staring back at me" @bboysdada came across these guys last November and couldn't stop jamming their ep. Had to check them out tonight in Austin. #bboys #otherhead #noworrynomind

😈 mmmmmmmmm... lunch sides

Maaaaaaan, when i listened to the new Beach Fossils I had to lower my expectations. because I think they're last album Clash The Truth is soooo fucking GOOD. It has a special place in my heart. And I can't go in expecting I'll get another one of that. SOMERSAULT is not as good as Clash the truth, But fuck these guys know how to get the feels flowin. Immediate buy for me. #BeachFossils #Somersault #clashthetruth #capturedtracks #bayonetrecords

Just barely saw the recent FARGO episode a couple days ago. It's the best episode of the season. It's badass, weird, strange in a good way. Loved the omages to the Coen Brothers, especially the big lebowski one. I think it's been a rocky season but still enough interest to keep watching. Some crazy uncomfortable episodes. Varga is a good villain. And as always theres cool hit men in the show. FARGO season 3 seems to be wrapping up nicely. #Fargo #noahhawley #coenbros #obrotherwhereartthou #thebiglebowski

Been catching up on some albums released this year. And this SUN KILL MOON album is 2 hours of fantastic story telling. #SunKillMoon #CommonasLightandLoveAreRedValleysofBlood

I'm surprised It Comes at Night is a wide released film because its not your average horror Flick. It's not for everybody. Don't go in expecting it to be a straight jump scare gory horror film. This is a smart horror Flick. Fear and paranoia are the horror here. The story is so simple but its all about the acting and what people are willing to do to protect themselves. A lot of tension throughout the Flick. Joel edgerton gives a powerhouse performance. This one fucked with me. One moment shook me to where I couldn't move because of Joel edgertons actions. This is a great thought provoking movie. I'm still gathering myself together. It's also a film to go in knowing very little about. Don't see trailers because I think they're kinda misleading and give a little too much away. If you dig this type of movie I suggest you check out the directors first movie KRISHA which is also clever filmmaking. Writer /Director Trey Edward Shults is a promising film maker. I love both flicks. Both are master class film making.

Good Lunch Jams #Obituary

Satisfying CAP OFF to this series. THE LEFTOVERS. The finale should've been called The Book Of Exposition. The smartest show on television ended tonight. From the way it's shot, the symbolisms, the music that's carefully picked to be a metaphor or related to what will happen in the episode. So much depth in everything. I'm gonna miss all that.

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