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St John the Evangelist Church in Philadelphia. This photo was taken in the morning.

Good morning for birding. A So So morning for photography. Too much fog. But at the end of my walk this female pine warbler flew in for a visit. #birdphotography #birdsphotography

Leaf footed bugs on thistle.

Summer Tanager. Birding at Lake Wedowee. #birdsphotography

White-eyed Vireo. Birding at Lake Wedowee. #birdsphotography

Ruddy Turnstone - this bird has a long way to go. At Siesta Key (we were there in mid-May), there were several species making their northward migration to the Arctic for summer breeding. In addition to the turnstone, we saw black bellied plovers and sanderlings also on their migration to the Arctic. The other fun fact is that I took this picture with my iPhone. He was very close. #birdsphotography

Family Portrait. We got to see several new things today at this site. One of the ospreys was bringing in new material for the nest and we rarely see both parents in the nest. Looks like two babies for this year. #birdsphotography

From our trip last week. A double breasted Cormorant. Such a cool eye. #birdsphotography

Green Heron Collection. So yesterday I went out on the kayak to explore the Jim Neville Marine Preserve. It’s a cluster of mangrove islands just off Little Sarasota Bay and the Inter-coastal waterway. Great bird life, but the day was highlighted by many encounters with green herons. Green herons are much smaller and more timid than their Great Blue cousins. Last night I posted a video of one fishing. Here you can see them hiding in the mangroves, staring me down, and fishing. It’s amazing how much you can see when you slow down and look.#birdsphotography

Little Blue Heron. This juvenile is morphing to adulthood. Little Blues as adults are completely blue. The juveniles are white. #birdsphotography

Washington Monument from the Arlington Memorial Bridge.

Kayak Sunset.

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