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ECOBAGS.com  We offer thoughtful, ethical & sustainable reusable bags. Share how you go zero waste w/ #ecobags (or tag @ecobags_us) to be featured 😊


Snacking on the go does not mean you need to buy or use plastic! Look at this on the go snacking inspiration from @mamaeatsplants ! #ecobags

#mamaeatsplantssnacks //✨CARDAMOM-ORANGE ZEST CHIA PUDDING ✨// so many of you guys asked for this recipe after I posted about making it in my stories 🍧 it’s super easy + delicious...we brought it to the museum with us for a snack + unfortunately Vin dropped his jar and it shattered into about a million pieces 😵 which has hardly ever happened before, but it is a hazard of glass. Oops! I usually bring stainless steel for the kids to avoid this happening. ANYWAYS after I died on the spot, I came back to life to write the recipe for you lol:⠀

1/2 cup chia seeds⠀
2 cups almond milk (or other alt-milk)⠀
1 teaspoon vanilla extract⠀
1/4-1/2 tsp ground cardamom (add to taste)⠀
Fine zest of 1 orange⠀
Optional: sweetener like maple syrup, agave, honey etc to taste⠀
Whisk everything together in a large bowl; whisk occasionally until chia seeds have started to gel (this prevents clumping). Transfer to fridge and let sit at least 30 minutes before eating! Great toppings include: dried rose petals, Rosewater, pistachios, berries. OR switch up the flavors for cocoa powder, cinnamon, almond extract, add a swirl of jam, anything goes. ENJOY ❤️ Pictured: @ecobags_us mesh shopping tote, @nondisposablelife medium bento bag in black linen, and thrifted book (after many a summer dies the swan by aldous Huxley ❤️) ( #📷 @mamaeatsplants via @latermedia )⠀
#zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #maketheswitch #green #zerowastehome #recycle #sustainablefuture

Best thing about our #ecobags #totes and #produce bags? You can take them with you! No need to reach for the plastic when travelling. ⠀

Packing up my produce bags and grocery bags for #zerowaste grocery shopping on vacation. I am heading to my parents house in Ohio soon for the holidays. I will be helping my mom plan some vegan dishes for Christmas dinner over the phone today, which I'm excited about! Then we cook.⠀
My parents live in a very small, midwest town. It was once a booming steeltown, but unfortunately, it is very economically depressed these days. They don't have the luxury of bulk stores or year-round markets for package free shopping, so I'll be doing my best to find what we need in the most sustainable packaging and without breaking the bank. I am going to try to document my adventures in my IG stories, so long as the grocery store isn't too slammed with shoppers.⠀
Would you be interested in a blog post in 2018 about sustainable, budget friendly tips for grocery shopping when you don't have access to #packagefree or #bulkshopping options? Oh, and my shopping bags are from @simple_ecology + @ecobags_us because I love supporting both companies! 💚🌎⠀
Side note: check out how much character these old wood floors have? I used to hate the imperfections but they've grown on me in time.⠀
#waronwaste #yayforearth #ourplanetourhome #janeandsimple #skipthebag #banthebag #groceryhaul #zerowasteshopping #lowwasteliving #bulkisbeautiful #zerowastechristmas ( #📷 @jane_and_simple via @latermedia )

In love with these perfect apples in their cloth bag. Looks so much better than plastic, dontchathink? #ecobags

One of the things I’ve done this year is focused on reducing my waste & my impact on Mother Earth 🌏 Using eco-bags when I go grocery shopping is one of the easiest ways to eliminate the plastic I use, plus it’s way cuter 🍎👜 ( #📷 @lamodedujour via @latermedia )⠀

#zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #maketheswitch #green #zerowastehome #recycle #sustainablefuture

We love this post from @marinaqutab - it's so important to do what you can and not stress about being perfect or let little mistakes stop you from using less waste. No one is perfect, no one creates no waste - but you can make a difference by AIMING to create little or no waste. Don't be so hard on yourself, you're only human. #ecobags

I am human. I am not perfect. I do not create ZERO waste— this is humanely impossible. The very act of being human creates waste. But I don’t dwell on this sentiment because it doesn’t do me any good. I aim to live a lifestyle fully in alignment with my ‘calling’, my values, and my vision for a more just and thriving planet. This lifestyle is not about perfection, it’s about progress. It’s about living more consciously and intentionally; it’s about sending less to the waste stream (landfill & recycling). It’s about maintaining the wellbeing of our common home. When I think of all the positivity we can exude to make the world a better place I can’t help but feel like running a marathon. Every single day, we have the opportunity to make a positive difference. May this post be a loving nudge to choose your thing today. Love, Marina •⠀
#organic #zerowaste #plasticfree #packagefree #wastefree #zerowastelifestyle #minimalwaste #goodvibes #minimalism #ecogoddess #mondaymotivation #wastefreeliving #plasticfreeliving #lifestyle #eco #ecohome #greenlife #greenlifestyle ( #📷 @marinaqutab via @latermedia )

Let's teach the next generation to take care of our earth - #reusables are better. <3 this little family photo :) ⠀

A Sunday morning well spent in our new favorite little market place. Right in our back yard 🙌🏻 ( #📷 @ourlittlesimple via @latermedia )⠀
#zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #maketheswitch #green #zerowastehome #recycle #sustainablefuture

Love his post from one of our favorite customers @packagefreeshop #ecobags ・・・
Happy Valentine's Day 😉🍌! On the subject of love, we love seeing a reusable produce bag being put to good use. Our cotton and net drawstring produce bags from @ecobags_us are an amazing alternative to using the thin plastic produce bags provided by most grocery stores. They're also multifunctional and can be used to carry your lunch in, store your gym shoes, hold bulk snacks like nuts and granola - you name it, it can probably hold it! // Photo credit @snapshotsofsimplicity #packagefree

In love with these #customprint drawstring bags we did with @bringyourownlongbeach . Let's keep the litter off the streets and out of our oceans! #goreusable #stopwastingsomanyresources #ecobags⠀⠀
GIANT cotton produce bags from @ecobags_us now available! 13" x 17" with tare weight included on the tag!⠀⠀
Perfect for those large leafy greens or filling with oranges or potatoes.⠀⠀
Available on my website:⠀⠀
(Link in profile.) ( #📷 @bringyourownlongbeach via @latermedia )⠀⠀
#zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #maketheswitch #green #zerowastehome #recycle #sustainablefuture

We’re super stoked and super thankful to reach 10K followers - we are so in love with the community that surrounds us on instagram and all of you eco warriors out there inspiring everyone! Let’s keep up the good work! As a thank you we’re offering 10% off all #ecobags stock products on ECOBAGS.com for new customers! Help us get to 15K followers - we’re planning a donation to @plasticpollutes to celebrate that milestone! ⠀

Use code: 10KTHANKS ⠀


Discount is valid from 2/14/18 - 2/22/2018. Minimum purchase of $25.00 for retail customers, minimum purchase of $175.00 for wholesale customers. We are only able to offer this discount to orders shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. Offer valid on ECOBAGS branded stock items, only. Does not apply to custom print or made-to-order jobs. May not be combined with any other offer and not valid of prior purchases. Void where prohibited. ⠀

...⠀ #zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #maketheswitch #green #zerowastehome #recycle #sustainablefuture

One of the things I love most about our products is how many uses they have - like this little #ecobags #ditty bag that can be used when buying garlic at the farmers market, and a snack bag for a few small treats, or even as a travel bag for your bar soaps. How do you use your #ecobags?⠀

This little cotton mesh bag is a perfect travel bag for bar soap or a shampoo bar. ⠀
When I traveled up to Oregon over the Christmas holiday I took my shampoo bar with me and kept it in this bag which allowed it to thoroughly dry between uses. I just gently pat it dry with a clean washcloth and put it in the bag. Once I was staying at one place more than one night I kept the shampoo bar on the shower ledge out of the line of water to make it last longer. ⠀
It also works great for all those little soap slivers that are too difficult to hold!⠀
#plasticfree ( #📷 @bringyourownlongbeach via @latermedia )⠀
#zerowaste #bringyourown #goreusable #maketheswitch #green #zerowastehome #recycle #sustainablefuture

We love @paddingtonbear lets help him go on an #ecoadventure with our #ecobags #stringbags. Thanks for the share @wetrashtalk!⠀

Babysitting day so my nephew Herbie and I decided to visit the local library and borrow some books! Luckily I brought my multifunctional and durable cotton @ecobags_us which I normally use for food shopping! It’s a bag for life! 💚⠀
#reusablebags #childrensbooks #babysitting #goingzerowaste #library #vancouverpubliclibrary #eco #sustainable #consciousconsumer #ecofriendly #librariesrock #libraries #kidsbooks #reading ( #📷 @wetrashtalk via @latermedia )

We can't stop gushing over how beautiful #zerowaste shopping and real food looks! #ecobags #stringbag

You know a super easy thing you could change in your life that could change the world? STOP USING SO FREAKIN MUCH PLASTIC!!!!!!!!!!⠀
I always bring a backpack, large bag and/or tote bags when I’m going to any kind of store. And when I see people saying «yes» to plastic bags, I’m thinking that they probably have 30+ at home already, is it sooo hard to bring and reuse one or four of those??? And did you really need to have one of those small plastic bags around those two bananas? You know bananas and a looots of other fruits and veggies have skin to protect themselves right?? So does it seem necessary to double-protect them????...⠀

Anyway, my fav bags are these ones from ecobags, bought at @beeorganic.no , made of organic cotton. Both the large net, and the smaller ones that I have in different sizes (used for fruits and veggies).⠀
Reduce, reuse, recycle ♻⠀

on the edge of giving up humanity ⠀
Ps check out artist @chrisjordan_albatross
#environmentalism #environmentalist #redusereuserecycle #recycling #reduce #reuse #recycle #egobags ( #📷 @rakelkjeldsberg via @latermedia )

removing single use waste from the bathroom will save a lot of plastic from entering the waste stream. Great post from @wetrashtalk

The bathroom is the second largest contributor to waste (kitchen is number one). I am using up what I have from before like the supersize package of dental floss and q-tips from Costco last year 😏. But some items I’ve managed to make an easy switch like no longer buying shower gel in plastic containers to making my own soap or buying local package free soap. The ZW lifestyle is pretty much an easy swap other than spending / investing in some long lasting bathroom essentials. I wouldn’t even say it’s expensive when you buy an item once and can last a lifetime, like my bamboo comb and metal razor. But I’m not giving up my shower cap....yet; it’s plastic but it’s lasted many years. I never said I was perfect 😏. This is a start and I would love to make my own toothpaste, deodorant and try silk dental floss. That’s on my list in the next while and much more following that! Have any of you gone 100% zero waste bathroom? If so, was it easy? Thanks for reading and sharing 💚⠀
#zerowaste #consciousconsumer #zerowastehome #zerowasteliving #packagefree #lesstrash #notoplastic #notosingleuse #bamboo #ecofriendly #sustainablelifestyle #ecobags #babysteps #goingzerowaste #mindfulness #savetheplanet #saveouroceans #gogreen #noplastics #plasticfree #plasticfreeproducts #plasticfreeliving #ourplanetourhome #zerowastecollective ( #📷 @wetrashtalk via @latermedia )

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