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Tyler Sanden  Eco-Growth is changing the face of organic waste disposal. Ever thought of a banana peel as energy? Now you can...

Eco-Growth is live at the Alberta Craft Beer Convention! We have an incredible solution for spent grains: allow brewers to burn their own spent grains, in a carbon negative combustion process, to heat their water, or their building! We can turn your waste stream into an energy source that will replace your natural gas usage. Save money, and the environment :) #greentechnology #organicenergy #ecogrowth #albertacraftbeer #albertacraftbeerconference

How do you make sure your machines are constantly being improved? You test em! Eco-Growth is constantly striving to give our clients the best possible product, and we do that through a rigorous program of QA/QC, and product innovation. One of our main testing and innovation experts, Eiden, looks on as the EGOR 500 does its thing #greentechnology #organicenergy #ecogrowth #ecofriendly #wastefree

This is about 1 lb of dry bio-mass produced by our EGOR, and used to be about 7 lbs of organic waste. In this state it contains about 8600 BTU’s worth of heat energy, which means this little scoop of stuff could heat your home for 6.5 mins! A waste stream that used to be a cost, is now a commodity. Join the revolution! #environmentaltechnology #organicenergy #foodwasteisenergy #ecogrowth #environmentaltech #changetheworld

The ONLY option for organic waste disposal in Calgary right now is compost. Compost is not a bad option, but, we can offer a better one. Rather than a 60 day process to turn organic waste into compost, Eco-Growth can turn organic waste into ENERGY in only 24hrs. Far less energy intensive, and a MUCH smaller carbon footprint. Explore the alternative! #organicenergy #ecogrowth #changetheworld #wastefoodisfuel

Remember that bio fuel we showed you yesterday? This is what it starts out as! Tough to believe how much this smelly, heavy mass of restaurant waste can change! Transformed from something a company has to “deal with” into a valuable commodity and energy source. #organicenergy #foodwasteisenergy #changetheworld #ecogrowth

This is what bio-fuel looks like! This material came from one of our clients, and used to look like organic waste, ie tomatoes, lettuce, chicken wings, paper towel etc. Now that it’s been processed, the next step is to consume this and create clean energy :) #organicenergy #changetheworld #foodwaste #foodwasteisfuel #ecogrowth

McMahon Stadium install a success! This 125# EGOR will look after their office organic waste, but the big dog (500# EGOR) will be going in to look after their game day organic waste. Just think, all of that popcorn you spill at the next Stamps game will power somebody’s hot water boiler! @calstampeders #mcmahonstadium #yyc #organicenergy #cleanenergy #organicwasteisgold #changetheworld

Are you brewing beer, and wondering what to do with the massive amounts of spent grains you produce? We can turn your spent grains into energy! You can heat your water, and your building, using your own waste product! No more trucking, and massive reductions in natural gas usage. #spentgrains #ecogrowth #organicenergy #foodwasteisenergy #energyrevolution

Our 125# EGOR kicking out fully processed organic waste. Napkins, paper towel, egg shells, meat...the list goes on...has been transformed into clean burning bio-fuel. Let the revolution begin!! #organicenergy #ecogrowth #cleanenergy #energyrevolution

One of our 125lb/day units teaching the next generation of leaders and thinkers how to create change. Webber Academy is turning all of their organic waste into bio-fuel, and keeping those materials out of the landfill. Organics = Energy!! #webberacademy #ecogrowth #cleanenergy #organicsareenergy

ATB using our 500lb/day machine to drive their organics diversion to 100%! This means that NONE of their organic waste goes to landfill. Great job ATB! @atbfinancial #organicenergy #nomorelandfills #greenandclean

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