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Elizabeth Copeland  A dream is a wish your heart makes. ¥Family of 4 ¥Mom with muscles ¥Disney lover ¥Dessert enthusiast ¥Gymnastics Coach ¥Beach lover ¥Farm Grown

Good nutrition increases feeling healthy
Good nutrition increases feeling strong
Good nutrition increases confidence
Good nutrition increases results

Just one of my tools to success!

Join tonight at 645pm for CORE DE FORCE AT gymnastics lane!

I have a plan!
I have a plan for my workouts, taking all the guessing out. I wake up and know what I'm doing that day!

I have a plan for my nutrition, using my portion containers! I know how much food I need to eat each day with 100s of recipes at my finger tips.
I have endless support from my team, keeping me accountable for my actions and goals.
Just giving myself the all the right tools I can to reach my goals. More tools more success.
It's not complicated!


4 months and 16 days postpartum!
Striving for progress not perfection.
Each day pushing one step closer to my goals

One choice
One meal
One shake
One step!

It isn't going to happen over night and it's not always going to be easy.
But life is hard!

I have a choice.
Choose hard and unhappy
Or hard and reach for the stars!

Who's with me?

Get uncomfortable today!
You are where you are because you got comfortable!
You got in a rut!
You don't think about daily choices

Daily choices of the
Same unhealthy foods
Same daily routines without exercise
Same negative words beating yourself up

Take this Monday, do something different and uncomfortable!
New healthier better changes aren't always easy in the beginning because they are different.
But they are worth it! You've been doing to same things over and over and not achieving what you want!

Why not try?


Loving Mickey's 90th spectacular!

Life changes ppl grow and change. We have almost been together more then we gave been apart in our lives And grown together
15yrs together, 5 yrs marriage, and more adventures than I can remember.
Happy 5 yr anniversary babe.
Love you!

Happy Halloween!

This little chubby monkey thinks it's funny to roll when momma wants to take a picture!
Happy Silly Wild Halloween!

Is it
Wishful Wednesday or WORK WEDNESDAY?

Only you can choose.
But are you tired of wishing for what you want!
Then here is some tough love!

Get working.
Get up and going!
You can't keep wishing and being unhappy if you aren't willing to do something different.
Be grateful for where you are but don't stand still!
Move forward!

Your competition isn't everyone else, it's you!
IT'S you procrastinating!
IT'S your ego!
IT'S the unhealthy food you choose to eat!
IT'S the knowledge you choose to ignore!
IT'S talking poor of yourself !
IT'S true!
Your competition is and always will be you!
Strive to beat yourself everyone and win!

These ladies came in tonight and beat themselves at 12 rounds of @coredeforce live!
They chose to to compete and win!


Baby Halloween costume didn't go as planned but that didn't stop us!

What a wonderful wknd!

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