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Elizabeth Copeland  A dream is a wish your heart makes. ¥Family of 4 ¥Mom with muscles ¥Disney lover ¥Dessert enthusiast ¥Gymnastics Coach ¥Beach lover ¥Farm Grown

Where will you be when the time comes?

Join the tribe because it shapes your vibe!

We can't expect to achieve different results when we continue to do the same actions.
Wake up today and do something new and different to take you towards your goals!


Feeling good getting my #superfood in while getting back into the gym!

Keeping up with nutrition even when working!
No excuses!

Do you ever let your fear stand in your way?
Fear of failure?
Fear of not being as successful as others?
Fear of change?

Fear comes from many different areas and it can be your worse enemy. Holding you back from want you truly want.
I know I struggle everyday with fear! I always see those with success and think I could never get there. Fear of never being good enough. Sometimes thinking it's easier to just sit than to try because then I don't really know if I'm not enough.
Fear will never stop buy working through it is key! Seeing the struggle and picking away at it one day at a time!


We had the sweetest visitors today!
Such a wonderful time!

How is it that she is a first grader?!?! She is beyond excited!

I missed transformation Tuesday because this post is really hard for me.
But I was motivated by @shaunt to use my past not as discouragement but as motivation to get to where I want to go!

7 weeks after delivery
My hips are wider than before.
My stomach is rolling and squishy
My chest is busy feeding my new baby.
My face is tired and circles under my eyes
But my current state is temporary !
Now I'm released to resume full activity.
Now time to get my life style back on track!

A journey loves company.
Who wants to join me?

Last week was a rough week for my workouts.
I "missed" my workouts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but with this program it's not really missed. 4 days on with 3 days rest when I CAN get them in!

I can move them around to fit the schedule of this new momma!
What freedom with no guilt of missing!

Now I was able to get 3 workouts in but little man just wasn't having it yesterday, so no workout.

But today I was able to get my workout in and picking up exactly where I left off!

@liift4 is a momma's dream workout.
Just what I need!

What about you?

Since I have such a sweet tooth and breastfeeding is life right now, I couldn't love this more!


Are you too hard on yourself?
Do you let your fear of not being perfect, stop you from trying something new?

I am very guilty of not trying, not putting myself out there because if I don't then I can't fail.
But regret never reaching for my goals and never growing, Causing me to fail anyway.
Not reaching my goals.
Don't let your caution, cause you to fail by default!

You have to start to find success!

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