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New comics always feel great.

Ugh this highlight got me fucked up. Lol.

Ignore the cat hair cause he sheds like a beast but he's the cutest. #catsofinstagram #ragdollcat #ragdollcatsofinstagram

RIP Frank the Tank. It's still weird to be there without you. I keep expecting you to come around that corner with a big ass tray of what ever dessert Aunt Renee cooked up but you never do. Its not the same with out you. There is a hole in the family that can't be filled.

I look like a foot but he's cute. #cutecouples

Finally got a golden hour selfie. #selfie #goldenhour #funandsun

Annual beach reunion/birthday party for the most amazing grandmother a girl could ask for and one really cool cousin. I got sunburnt but it was worth it to see my niece smile. Best day ever. #family #funandsun

Miss you cousin. :(

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