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EC Boxing Performance  @ecboxingperformance #teamtough

Farewell Ireland. We came with one short term goal.. that was to win! Yes for our longterm goals the experience alone was required but we don't train hard simply to gain experience! #homefortheheartsofchampions
Bringing home the best overall Junior Fighter of the tournament is simply a massive bonus that reflects our mindstate 🥊🇮🇪🇨🇦❤️ Congratulations Kate Lee.
Next up Isaiah 'Hurricane' Haya and Newfoundland to prepare for the 2019 Canada Games.

Winner in the Red Corner by Unanimous Decision........ Kate Lee 🥊. On to the finals tomorrow! #teamtough #BoxeNB #boxingcanada #eskercup #homefortheheartsofchampions
Kate fought a very tough opponent from Knockout Boxing Club in Norway.

Its official, we're weighed in.. passed in Canadian boxing passport and our 2018 Junior Canadian National Champion is ready to do battle tomorrow here in Ireland 🥊. #teamtough.. Home for the Champions with Heart! #boxingcanada #rivalfamily #thereal_mjay #rivalboxinggear #russanber #rothesay #quispamsis #saintjohn

And away we go.. First stop Montreal
2nd...Ireland 🇮🇪

This is Sophia. She first joined us last year in our recreational program and has chosen to participate as part of our Competitive program this year. Sophia has done a few rounds of active technical sparring and has also started mentoring her 6yr old cousin Aria who has now joined our FUN-damentals kids class. Way to go Sophia 🥊. #teamtough
Positive: Notice the 'pop' on her left hook!! she's got the range down on her snap back.
Correction: Weight needs to be on the ball of her front foot rather then rocking back onto heel. Video replay and feedback is essential for positive progress for our young atheltes. Makes for great social media marketing as well lol. Cheers all

Well, as I leave here for the night. I'm tired, have a cold and maybe should eat something lol. But I feel great. Life is good and the stage is set. A huge thank you to those members of #teamtough who were able to lend a hand, especially Dan Dow. Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow evening. She's gonna be a show.. Smalltown Throwdown Style!
Regards, Coach Chris
#rivalfamily #teamtough #sept22 #SmalltownThrowdown #rivalboxinggear #rothesay #quispamsis #saintjohn

With friends asked family of #teamtough watching GGG Vs Canelo 2 on the wall at the club. We watched the 1st one.. Why not make it two!

***Here it is, SmallTown Throwdown September 22nd doors open at 6pm***
**************************Rothesay Arena******************************** ****************UNDERCARD (starts at 6:30PM)*********************
Jaxon Noseworthy East Coast Boxing Vs Ron Azarenkov F.I.S.T.S Moncton

Jake Macdonald East Coast Boxing Vs Cameron Comeau Saint John Golden Gloves

Angus Gellatley East Coast Boxing VS Liam Kinch Westville Boxing

Tacari Howe Citadel Boxing Vs Brayden Kendall Oromocto Boxing

Ethan Marshall Red Tribe Boxing Club Vs Evan Montgomery Westville Boxing Club
Sierra Eshouzadeh Citadel Boxing Vs Elisia Eastman Boxing Manitoba ********************MAIN CARD************************ Corey Morrell East Coast Boxing Vs Mike Spencer Crandall University Boxing

Liam Dempster Citadel Boxing Vs Jeremie Albert Champion Boxing Academy

Hunter Cassidy East Coast Boxing Vs Riley Snow Ring 73

Derek Doucette Saint John Golden Gloves Vs Scott Daly East Coast Boxing

Tom Young Saint John Golden Gloves VS Jon Olhauser Crandall Boxing Club

Elijah Willis Grady Warriors Boxing Vs Noah Heffernan Ring 73

Wayne Long East Coast Boxing Vs Dan Dow East Coast Boxing ---------------------------INTERMISSION-------------------------------- ***************2018 CANADIAN NATIONAL GOLD MEDALISTS************ Kate Lee East Coast Boxing Vs Sidney Meisner Eastman Boxing Manitoba

Isaiah Haya East Coast Boxing Vs Anthony Cremol Red Tribe Boxing

Tamimi Jorche Rival Boxing Halifax Vs Max Morin Crandall University Boxing
SIDE NOTE: Max comes to Crandall University from Mexico where he was an alternate member of the Mexican Pan-American Games Team.

Chris Peters East Coast Boxing Vs Mike Lavoie Oromocto Boxing

Mitch Redmond HubTown BoxingVS Jose Melaison Oromocto Boxing *************2018 CANADIAN NATIONAL SILVER MEDALISTS***************
Milad Mohammad Tribe Boxing Vs Justice Hargrove Eastman Boxing Manitoba
#teamtough #sept22 #SmalltownThrowdown #rivalfamily #rivalboxinggear #thereal_mjay #rothesay #quispamsis #saintjohn #kvmha #boxingcanada

Being in the moment is a funny thing. Sometimes it hits you so strong you unknowingly keep a mental photograph of it forever so you remember it, yet you always wish you had a still photograph to look at and share with others of it. This morning at Saint John Golden Gloves I had one of those moments. As I sat looking on, after just watching our young Kate Lee spar with Thomas Young then to have her do focus mitt training with Coach Kevin Watson while my childhood Coach Peter Britt who I felt most confident with and Tom stood at ringside with they're watchful eye I was 'lost in the moment'. Wayne Long leaned over and said to me.. 'Look at that, what a great picture of these guys here and Kate eh" it was then I grabbed for my camera and managed to get them just before they all went about the rest of their day. Fall is in the air, our Smalltown Throwdown first ever event is about to happen and I sit here and think... This is what people mean when they say "I'm living my best life". Enjoy your day everyone and I wish you all your own "moment" today 🥊❤️
Regards, Coach Chris
#teamtough #sept22 #rivalfamily #rivalboxinggear #boxingcanada #russanber #thereal_mjay #rothesay #saintjohn #quispamsis

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