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So much fun hanging with this beauty yesterday! @flopipower feels like I’ve known you forever although I’ve just met you 😋 I love how the Universe delivers to you people, places, things along the journey of life. Your vibe attracts your tribe and it’s so nice to see the beautiful reflection of humans in my life.
Everyday I work on my vibration. Caring about how I feel and noticing the dialogue in my mind is a priority to me. I strive to feel good but am also learning to be gentle and compassionate towards myself when I am not. It takes practice, patience and willingness. There’s no turning back because feeling good, feels so good! I know that probably sounds weird but there are different levels of feeling good and when you tap into that elated bliss sort of good you feel you could move mountains.
Happiness is an inside job and one that only you have control over. Anything that we want in life is because we think that we will feel better in the having of it. Whether that’s a car, a house, a partner, a bar of chocolate, a yoga class. We are hard wired to reach for something that makes us feel good.
I only have one life as this personality and I want to make it a good one.
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Week 1 down!
Wow it’s been a hectic week! A lot going on with job hunting, finding new flat mates, business and squeezing in the essential nature hangs and socialising.
It was a shaky start as I dealt with the cravings of what I had cut out, the extra work on my plate and and the financial strain, however, there was so much learning and growth along the way. I’m feeling more energised, more motivated and clearer in the mind and best of all it has been a great time to practice compassion and gentleness towards myself.
I’m not perfect, although I try to be. Perfectionism was something that has been engrained in me from a young age. It stops me from sharing, from feeling enough and I can see how it’s sneaking back into the limelight. “I should be perfect”, “I should be able to just quit everything cold turkey!”, “Who the hell will want to work with me if I can’t even do it myself”. These are the incessant thoughts that rampage my mind, that tear me down and make me feel like shit. But the kind and encouraging voice is still there, somewhere in the background when this other dialogue is loud. I listen for it, search for it, in times that I am feeling my worst. What I want most is peace and in order to find peace you must stop the fight, you must find someway to accept that “I am, where I am and I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got”. Everyone’s path is individual, is so unique. We each have to battle our inner demons with whatever resources we got. This detox helps he to see the demons that lurk in the shadows and to embrace them back into wholeness, to choose to love all parts of myself, good and bad.
I had a beautiful reminder drop in on the weekend when I was looking after my niece and nephew. Of the natural instinct to be encouraging, loving and trusting in their growth and development. We as humans never stop growing and learning but we can be so hard on ourselves. The way we speak to ourselves is not how we would speak to a child yet we don’t give ourselves a break when we mess up and stumble.
Be gentle, trust that you’ll find your way, and be kind and encouraging, like you would with a child. .
Pic by Lukasz Szmigiel from @unsplash

Do you struggle to create material wealth and abundance in your life? Does it leave you feeling unsafe, insecure, worried and fearful?
Check out my new blog on Chakras, specifically the Root Chakra, to help bring you into balance and allow the abundance to flood in. 🍎🍒🍅🌶🍉🍓Link in bio 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽.
P.S. Join me for a free meditation tomorrow at 2pm on Instagram Live to cleanse and strengthen your Root Chakra!
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The Root Chakra
Located at the base of the spine and relates to the aspects of our physical identity and our connection to this physical plane , safety, security, survival and having our basic needs met.
Join me on Friday for a root chakra cleansing and strengthening meditation. I will be doing it on Instagram live. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

The time has come.... It is D E T O X time for me and I am freakin pumped!💪🏻 and... slightly anxious 😬

Check out my new blog for the Detox Regime I’m starting tomorrow.
Link in bio 👆🏽
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It’s now February! What the hell?! Where has that time gone?
It’s still pretty early on in the year and the festivities of Summer are starting to slow down a bit. If your feeling into what you envision for 2018 then check out my new blog post to help give you a kick start 🚀🚀🚀 . Link in bio ☝🏽.
Pic by: Steven VanDesande Jr
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New You.

We cannot move towards our dreams until first becoming the vibration of it.
What do you desire most? What would it feel like to have that?... To live that reality?... Your emotions are what attracts your reality, and if you desire more than what you are currently experiencing then begin to refocus your energy to what you desire... and see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it.... and feel what it would be like to know that... Just like you know your going to wake up and brush your teeth.

It’s all energy. In different forms and we choose our reality based on our vibration.

Free half hour consultations are available to discuss how you would like to move forward with you’re New Years Resolutions. ☝🏽🎉🌈😍 Follow the link in my bio☝🏽

FULL MOON Lunar Eclipse in Leo today!
What does this mean???
As I read through @mysticmamma ‘s insights what really resonated with me was to connect more deeply with who we truely are, to allow Mother Earth to mother us, to fill us up with love and connect with her more deeply and realise that the Earth sustains all life and we are called to live in harmony with her.
I’m also definitely feeling like there is going to be abit of a shake up. Some shadow aspects may arise in relation to our personal power and self worth.
Check out the full report on

And notice what resonates for you and if you feel along the way your having a bit of a hard time, know that I can support you through it if it all gets too much.
Check out my services ☝🏽link in bio☝🏽
Photo: @mysticmamma Her beautiful prints are available for purchase through her website.

You are not a drama queen, you are not a psycho, you are not all the horrible, critical words that people have thrown at you during your temper tantrums and lash outs. You are simply misunderstood and lost in the sea of inner conflict without a compass or map to get you home.
Check out my Instagram Live story as I chat about my own inner conflict and how I find my way back to a state of peace. (Just realised I didn’t publish my Insta live, just saved it 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m figuring out how to put it up on my YouTube channel, WTS!) Pic from Pinterest. A beautiful visual of how I sometimes feel as I navigate my way through life, many personalities within one body.

Abundance and colour therapy meditation up on my Instagram live. Check it out if you feeling up for some prosperous vibes 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰

“Everyday be defined by a vision of the future” Dr Joe Dispenza
Understanding and embodying the mechanics of manifestation has always been a passion of mine. My journey began with Abraham Hicks about 6 years ago. My mind was opened to another realm of possibilities as I searched for something more than my weekend binge drinking and 9-5 grind. It has been an epic journey to say the least and now I feel as if I am on the cusp of truely embodying how to be a deliberate creator.
I feel a workshop brewing so stay tuned for the rocket ship that will take you to infinity and beyond!!! 🚀🚀🚀 .
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Quick little vid I made last night of last years clips from @subsonicmusic 🎥

I’ll be there this year too in the healing centre running a meditation on Saturday at 3:45pm to clear your energy and ground you back into your body and Sunday 8:30am to 11am I’ll be doing energy healing sessions. 🎉🌈🦄 Music: NIcola Cruz

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