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Ebony Day  Just popped a tiny human out


Be nice

my loves 😍

Morning! Today’s going to be filled with editing videos :) I FINALLY filmed a bunch for my main channel which has been massively neglected 🙈 is there any covers you guys want to see in the next few weeks? Let me knowwwww :)

can’t quite believe we’ve had four weeks of you 😍

This picture was taking exactly a month ago. The last picture of bump before she became daisy and completed our family. I can’t believe she’ll be a month old tomorrow (?!?!?). Also can’t believe she was in there!

On the first Christmas David and I spent together he got me a photobook of our first year together and i balled my eyes out like a big baby hah! This year he got me one from @mixbook full of moments from 2017 and its so so perfect. Not sure if anyone else did this but when I was younger I was obsessed with looking through the family photo albums so I love having these printed instead of just sitting on the computer. There's something so lovely about creating something full of memories and mixbook makes it so easy to make something unique and personal. Maybe one day Daisy will be looking through this smiling :) #Ad

Probs gunna delete this later bc it’s random AF but this is what’s happening in our house right now. The little ones having a grizzle and I’ve resorted to singing a customised jonas brothers song bc for some reason it’s keeping her quiet 😂
I was enjoying it until singing this same section about 30 times 🙈 turns out all this baby wants is a little bit of the jobros and some boob in her life. #ifindoubtgivetheboob #jobros4life #bigrobsforrealandthatsnolie #ifyouknowyouknow #bye #ohgodivejustrealisedimhashtagginglikeamumwhojustlearnttohashtag #tragic #yolo

Nothing better than sleepy cuddles with my love. She’s already growing so much, I wish she would stay little so I can cuddle her like this forever 😍💕

My love. What a month we’ve had. You’d think with the lack of sleep and between the screams we’d be driving each other crazy but all it’s done is made me love you more. You are always there, always helping, always checking that I’m okay even if at times maybe you’re not. You are perfect, in every sense of the word and I am so glad you chose me.
Happy valentines. We’ll remember this one being spent at the hospital 🙈 #superromantic

Ya girls gone blonde ☺️

Tilly has learnt that now Daisy’s here she gets a little less attention, so she’s taken it upon her self to find ways to get some of that attention back. Last week we found her laying in Daisy’s pushchair with a dummy in her mouth (you might think that’s too unbelievable but sadly it’s true). She is basically a jealous toddler 😂

So today’s the first time I’ve left the house without Daisy and my oh my it feels so strange. I don’t know what to do with all of this free time. I’ve texted people back from like three weeks ago (ITS A MIRACLE) and now I’m just twiddling my thumbs missing sleepy cuddles like this one 💕

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