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Ebony and Co  We create luxury bespoke hardwood interior and exterior elements worldwide.

Spectacular sizes!
Extra long and extra wide planks, selected from the finest parts of old-growth trees.

American white Oak ✧ Solid ✧ Boards with width up to 56 cm ✧ Custom made finish ✧ Residence ✧ Russia

Oak ✧ Bespoke finish ✧ Pattern ✧ Residence ✧ Design by @vlassakverhulst ✧ Belgium #ebonyandcoproject

Oak ✧ Megève Lava Waxy ✧ Matching wooden heater cover ✧ Residence ✧ World #ebonyandcoproject

Unmilled Antique Barnwood ✧ Wall paneling ✧ Charcoal oil ✧ Apartments ✧ Design by @sisters__design_ ✧ Russia. #ebonyandcoproject

We are driven by a single ambition: to create unique luxury wood environments by finding, carefully sourcing and milling the world’s best wood.

✧ The best friend on earth of man is the tree. When we use the tree respectfully and economically, we have one of the greatest resources on the earth ✧ Frank Lloyd Wright

We are constantly innovating in our search for ways to create more value with our products. Each one has its own extensive story, crafted from the defining features that make it unique. With this in mind, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded a FSC® certificate. This certification verifies that the hardwood labelled by us as FSC certified, originated from a certified or controlled source.

Wenge ✧ Solid ✧ Chevron ✧ Integrated electric outlet ✧ Residence ✧ Europe. #ebonyandcodetails

The True Bog Oak fixed wide plank floor by Ebony and Co is made from reclaimed European Oak that grew several thousands of years ago in dense dark old-growth forest. Due to the special requirements for cutting and drying, the treatment of Bog Oak requires knowledge, diligence and craftsmanship. We treated this floor with a very fine polish sanding to bring out the fine grain and deep color patina.

The origins of this ancient hardwood are beautifully mysterious. Thousands of years ago, rivers, lakes, swamps and bogs were surrounded by huge, dark forests full of towering oak trees. These dark dense woods made the trees grow slowly, giving them their tight grain structure. This makes the wood very dense and refined, adding unique characteristics to its look and feel. Due to storms, floods and other natural events, the trees would sometimes fall into the adjacent wetlands, where they were preserved.

Oak Anique ✧ Solid ✧ Donna Karan's Residence ✧ The USA. #ebonyandcoproject

Oak Anique ✧ Solid ✧ Herringbone ✧ Stairs ✧ Residence ✧ Europe. #ebonyandcoproject

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