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Ebony Mellowship  💘SouthWest Tattoo Bunbury💘email:ebonymellowshiptattoos@gmail.com ✈️ON HOLIDAY28Feb-28Mar (won’t be replying to emails until I’m back sorry, call SW)

Little video of the Diricawl I did at @literaryink in Chattanooga, Tennessee last weekend and a look at our amazing little work room with all my faves!!! So sad it’s over 😢 But excited to get home to Taquito 💘

Another look at this one from the weekend @literaryink Ravenclaw pride!!! Already can’t wait for next year, I’ll definitely be back, we’ve already started planning 😬❤️

Sorry-long post...I just got to LA, getting ready to head home tomorrow😭 I had the BEST FUCKING TIME EVEERRRR this past 2 weeks and especially the weekend @literaryink This entire trip, I got to do soooo many fun pieces on incredible people who travelled from all over to get something from me and I am so humbled and appreciative and I genuinely enjoyed tattooing every single one of you!!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!!!❤️Thankyou @jenniferedge @mainlineink I cant even tell you how much I bloody love you, you’ve created something so incredible and I can’t believe I get to be a part of it! And to all my babes who I finally got to meet after many moons of long distant internet friendships and adoration, I love every last one of you!!!! @chelseytattoos @tattoosbyanya @kadehydrated @betsywets @jawtattoos @codydresser and also all my new friends, Thankyou for taking such good care of me, cutting my nose with a corn chip, making fun of my accent, going IN on using the word cunt and for generally just making me feel welcome and Inspired! @siviterism @kittykonniption @anielfernandez @coloneltonymoore @hogwartstattoo @axelarzola @kwells529 @littlefishstudios @bizcuits_n_gracie @aprilnicoletattoos @azha @corintattoos (soz if I missed anyone) 💘💘💘💘

Last one for @literaryink and my last one for my trip to Tennessee! Thankyou so much Stephani, you sat so well, it was lovely to meet you! 💕

Mcgonagalls Animagus on the super lovely Erin yesterday @literaryink Thanks so much girl 🖤🖤🖤

The Diricawl (a plump, fluffy flightless bird) Can disappear and reappear as a means of escaping danger. Muggles are aware of the existence of the Diricawl as a dodo (a large, extinct, flightless bird). However, since Muggles are not aware of its ability to vanish at will, they believe that they have hunted the dodo to extinction. The International Confederation of Wizards has not seen fit to reveal that it exists, since it seems to have raised Muggle awareness of the consequences of slaying their fellow creatures indiscriminately. Thankyou so much Arielle💘💘💘

First one (of 3) done today @literaryink 🖤 Some Ravenclaw house pride for Katelyn! Thanks so much girl 💙

First day of @literaryink today and I got to do this Niffler for the super lovely and tough Cheryl. Thanks so much lady, it was so nice to meet you! 💘💘💘💘💘

So excited for the first day of @literaryink today! Starts at 1pm. I’m all booked out but I have t-shirts for sale and stickers. Find me in the Guest Alley next to these babes (who make my booth look like a pile of shit) @chelseytattoos @betsywets @kadehydrated ❤️❤️❤️

Thankyou sooo much Jenny! I’m so happy I was able to fit you in! You were an absolute pleasure to tattoo💛Fuck yeah Hufflepuff! Can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of @literaryink 😳😭❤️ who’s coming??? ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Occamy I did last night for Ada 💙💜 swipe across to see more angles

Second from today, Occamy in a teacup @mainlineink Thankyou sooo much Ada! I had the best time doing this, sorry I made you stay back so late!! 💘

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