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I dig these switches, but my OCD wants me to clock all of the inserts.

Still life. 2017

My friend @mercury_chris is looking for a complete set of Bermuda tail light assemblies. Who's got some? @rodswapper #EdselBurmuda #RodSwapper

New motivation for the wagon. I just found out it had once belonged to a friend that had passed away a couple years ago. Makes it just so much more special. Thanks Chris, and thanks Ben Bocci... @mercury_chris #YBlock

I often think of Dave as kind of like my dad. We talk every day. He doesn't judge me, and is always there for me regardless of the situation. He doesn't bring up old wounds from my past that he knows would hurt me. He actually wants me to succeed and is not jealous of that success. He has never laid a hand on me. He spends time with my kids and is genuinely interested in what they have going. He treats me as an equal and has never condescended me. He likes me for who I am and just wants me to be happy. So, I guess in the sense of how, from my upbringing, I thought what a "dad" was he's not like my dad at all, and I'm quite fine with that. I am thankful every day that he is in my life. #DaveLyonRules

Sizzle Pie takes down the champ! @sizzlepie

The girls are missing their mom on this Mother's Day as she travels to Wyoming to care for her ailing mom. Circle of life I guess. #HugYourMom

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