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Erin Bailey  Fitness professional. Model. Feminist. Joyful ❤️ I cheer for people. I was raised to believe there’s enough sunshine for everyone. #ChaseJoy


I prefer my coffee cliff side, but I guess freezing on my couch will have to do for now.
One of my favorite parts of our Mallorca trip was starting our days with leisure mornings drinking cafe con leches with insane views. A trip with wonderful girl friends. We’d wake up and take our time starting the day enjoying incredible espresso but mostly just moments with each other. Moments we didn’t have cell phone service. Or distractions.
Now I find myself rushing from class to work to meetings, drinking coffees out of paper cups. So here’s to attempting to make new habits, bring leisure coffee mornings back in my life. Anyone care to join me?? ☕️❤️🙏🏼 #chasejoy (Miss you @arfaller ❤️❤️❤️)

“One is the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.” - @gretchenrubin 🤗
• • •
Put yourself first. Make yourself whole. Only then can you help others. Only then can you truly give. Give yourself to be a better friend, partner, care taker, teacher, coworker.
Find your own happiness 🙏🏼❤️ #ChaseJoy #soundmindsoundbody

Bikes for breakfast.
• • •
FLYEBAILEY for your first ride free 👌🏼🚴🏻‍♀️ #nevercoast

Grin and bear it. My feels all winter. 😬❄️👎🏼

Heading into the holidays i dont know about you but I’ve begun to think about food more and more. What I should eat. What I shouldn’t eat.
I’ve always had an interesting relationship with food. A story that isn’t unique. Which is maybe why it’s even more important to share. I’d grown up being skinny and that’s often the first and only thing anyone would say about me. “Oh you’re so skinny I’m so jealous.” So early on I thought that was a good thing, one of the better things about me. So I did what I could to stay skinny. Which meant not always eat much. Eating disorder sounds extreme for what i was going through. But I can’t say I’ve always had a healthy relationship with food.
Getting any bigger was a fear. Insert image on the left, what I looked like most of high school and college, trying to stay skinny. Not lifting. All cardio. And long fasts between meals.
Come to this photo of me today. Opting for fit. Opting for a healthier relationship with food. Knowing food fuels my body. Knowing it’s ok if I eat ice cream. Not feeling guilty for when i choose to indulge.
Prepping for thanksgiving week by continuing to eat as normal, not dieting so i can afford a splurge. You don’t need to work off the calories you consume. Food is not a barter for your body. Food is your fuel.
And the sooner we begin to have a healthy relationship with food I️t will have a more positive impact on our bodies and our lives. ❤️
#foodforthought #transformationtuesday

The moment you choose to do what you really want to do, it’s a different life. ❤️🙏🏼
• • •
Started and ended my Monday at @everybodyfights with a whole lotta fitness in between too. Follow what you love.
I took a leap knowing I could at least cover my rent and bills and the rest I’d have to figure out. I took a leap knowing buying coffee out would turn into a luxury. A leap I was excited for as much as I was afraid of. But I did I️t because I wanted to chase this feeling. And I felt I️t every time I walked into @everybodyfights each time I taught.
Good thing I leapt. My finances are stronger than they’ve ever been. I enter each day feeling excited and end feeling challenged. But most of all my face looks like this more than it ever has.
Mondays. I love ya. ❤️
📷 @lindsayhite

I feel like as a society we crave and demand authenticity now more than ever.
So here’s a real life, authentic pic of my airport Chinese food dinner. Yes i did choose @officialpandaexpress for dinner. No i do not count this as a cheat meal. No I don’t count my macros. I️ won’t feel guilty when I finish all of it (or regret the donut from family brunch this morning). And I’m not planning my workout tomorrow (if I even have time) around how many calories I have to burn off from this meal. ✌🏼

I’ve always jumped into things i wasn’t fully prepared to do.
I’d never run more than a 10k (and only once) before committing to the Boston Marathon.
I’d never even taken a boxing class before being recruited to teach them (I’ve been WELL trained since). And felt about 5 years too young and inexperienced for my job.
Leap. That’s how you grow. Because you just have to figure it out. No option not to.
Pretty much how I felt on this wall. Climb, maybe a little up maybe a little laterally, but climb, because there’s no option to fall.

You cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of your life. At some point you need to unleash your potential and make your move. {Eric Thomas}
• • •
Everyday i get questions about how I got to where i am. And each time I have trouble answering because there’s no succinct answer. There’s no quick fix to success, to happiness.
You have to make the choice to be brave with your life. You have to take a leap. And choose to bet on you.
Questions mean very little if you don’t DO anything with the answer. Act. Move. Make a choice. Unleash your potential.

Jobs fill your pocket.
But adventure fills your soul.
It’s been cold for two days. Aka planning my next getaway. ✌🏼

The sun set like three hours ago so it’s actually past my dinner time.
@soulfu3l at least helping me eat clean since I skipped my workout today because I was cold. Lame excuse I know. But sometimes I find the most ridiculous reasons not to workout. The idea of having to leave my blanket of warmth was too much today.
@soulfu3l orders due tonight y’all! (Link in bio) use EBAILEY for 10%off which saves you enough to get the muffins. Ate 2 of 4 the second I got them...ordered 8 this week aka never making that mistake again. The mistake being running out of muffins by Tuesday. #fuel

Stop chasing people.
Stop chasing things.
Stop chasing money.
And pause. Find what’s in your heart. Focus on that. Focus on your joy. Focus on your passion. Support the people around you. Love endlessly. And the people that want to be a part of you and your story and what you’re building. They’ll show you. First with words. Second with action.
Stop chasing extras. Chase joy. • • •
To everyone that’s shown me relentless love and support this year, my heart goes to you. I continue to be overwhelmed by the love. Always surprised. And forever grateful.
The people that need you in their life will show you.
Love them.
All of you, loving you so hard.

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