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Erin Bailey  @asics_studio head trainer. entrepreneur. fitness model. feminist. #chasejoy 2018. Show gratitude. 📍Boston ❤️🤗💃🏻

There is only one thing in this world you can control. Yourself.
It doesn’t matter what happens around you. It doesn’t matter what happens to you.
It only matters what you do next.
It only matters how you react.
It only matters how you choose to grow. •
📷 @qu.oc ❤️

{no matter how good you get, you can always get better. And that’s the exciting part. tiger woods.}
Year of 27. Let’s go.

I feel lucky. I feel loved. I feel joyful. Yesterday was my birthday. And I did all my favorite things. Teaching. Going to @jugosboston, modeling, working on @asics_studio, eating ice cream, drinking margaritas and champagne, going to dinner with girl friends, and dancing the night away.
And the cool thing? I do those things a lot. My dear friend wished me a happy birthday and said “Happy birthday! Enjoy it! Not like you don’t live everyday like it’s your birthday haha.” And yeah, I kinda do. Not literally, but I do lots of things that bring me joy everyday. I’ve built I life I’m in love with. Surrounded by incredible people. Doing work that feels both challenging and fulfilling. And eating great food along the way.
What more could you ask for??
26 was a massive year for me.
So was 25.
And 24.
So I’m liking the trend for 27.
Life, I just love ya. ❤️
Celebrate everyday like it’s your birthday. 🥂

Shoutout to these babes for making last night so wonderful. Lucky to have such incredible girl bosses in my corner. And everyone that reached out, birthdays are something special and I felt so much love yesterday. Thank you ❤️💃🏻

Taking a page out of @sarahfit book and using this as an accountability post that I didn’t wear workout clothes (all) day.
#ootd usually involves jeans and a T. Minorly obsessed with my new white T here by my friend @kati__rod new business @bklynfive 🙌🏼 1. The clothes are so cute, lots of classic cute clothes. And nothing beats a good cute quality white t.
2. 5% of their proceeds go to help low income women get access to fitness. And I’m ALL ABOUT helping empower women. @bklynfive
So go shop and help out your fellow ladies ❤️ ... I also got a cute bodysuit that’s probably going to make an appearance for my birthday tomorrow 💃🏻

Arms used to be my least favorite thing to work ever. I hated my upper body days because they were really freaking hard. I felt weak and hated it.
Which only made me work them extra hard.
Here we go, if you hate arms, here are the four moves I want you to OWN. 10min twice a week, all I want:
- 10 walk out to push-up (modified)
- 10 curl to press - 10 rows (two angles so you can see to keep that back straight!)
- 10 front to side raises
That’s it. If you only do four moves, do these. Start with weight that feels comfortable, then upgrade to weight you’re struggling to hit the last rep or two with.
And if youd rather I coach you through it, head to my stories and check out my favorite @asics_studio arm workouts!

I love @eatgrainmaker. Genuinely love it. The healthy fast casual scene in Boston is getting better, but I can easily say there’s nothing here like Grainmaker.
I have this thing where I like to find “my spots”. Places that feel like family. Food and coffee that’s incredible and people that are just good.
I loved the food. And over the past few months I’ve gotten to know the owner Chris, and his team. They’re just the best. Getting to know each other’s names and always walking in seeing familiar faces. I just love it. My lunch/Tuesday dinner spot that feels like family.
So yes, go get their awesome health southeast Asian food, and always a side of guac and plantain chips, but also go see a familiar face, introduce yourself. Oh AND ITS LOCAL! Something my Dad always taught us growing up, the importance of supporting local.
And that’s how Boston feels like home. Because of places like this ❤️

Even better to get to share it with my Tuesday night humans. @getwellwithkel @nanofitbrit

I freaking love Monday’s. Was feeling extra refreshed after this weekend and was ready for a little something more in my workout. So here was this mornings burnout after a total body lift. You could definitely do this for your full workout though!
10min #AMRAP
- Ladder pop squats
- 5 inchworm to pushups - 10 med ball burpees - 10 Plank side steps - up 2 back 1
Go get em 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

Bra: @sweatscale
Leggings: @craneandlion (ERINBAILEY25)
Shoes: @asics #always #imoveme **these are my favorite gym training shoes, GEL-Kenun Lyte ❤️🔥 #imoveme #chasejoy

We’re basically ready for a triathlon.
Couldn’t love these humans more. ❤️
Happy Mother’s Day Ma. I have no idea what I’d do if you weren’t always available at the other end of the line. Boston doesn’t seem so far from home when I have this team on my side.
Always grateful for a NC trip.
See you real soon family ❤️

Life is brewtiful. 🍻❤️

Walking through the security line at the airport (I swear these people know me by name now) and one asked if I was a model. I said yes with a slightly bashful smile.
Something I always wanted to do. Something enough people told me I couldn’t. And that I shouldn’t. That that particular dream wasn’t good enough. Wasn’t hard enough, or intellectual enough, or sophisticated enough.
And I listened. I believed them.
Until I didn’t. Until I realized it’s my life. It’s my perspective. It’s my goals. It’s me. And the people that don’t get you. That don’t selflessly support you and every dream in your life, don’t deserve to be there.
I dont model a ton. But I get an overwhelming sense of pride when I do, and when someone asks if I’m a model. Not because of the attention, but because it’s a dream I now own.
So let me hopefully be the hundredth person in your life to tell you that you can.
You can. Of course you can. You are more than capable. You are more than able to achieve whatever the hell that you want. Whatever that nagging dream in the back of your mind you can’t shake. That dream that seems so unrealistic. That dream that you’ve told yourself is for someone else.
Own it. Yes you can.
(If you’ve taken any of my classes, that phrase might sound familiar).
You are more than capable. Stop stopping yourself. People in your life will always tell you not to. It’s up to you not to listen.

Topping it off, I also never thought I’d work for @asics . I never thought I’d be on the core team to build a new app. I never thought I’d be a Head Trainer anywhere. Let alone on @asics_studio managing a team of rockstar trainers.
Own your own dreams. Make that ish happen. And if you wanna help me make my dream come true, go download @asics_studio for me 🤗 link in bio. 30 days of workouts FREE! ❤️

Last week I drove across Spain and France (mostly) by myself. And today I think I topped it with my most adult move yet.
Man. Life is good!
I recorded a running workout today all about visualization. And it’s something I do A LOT in my workout/ fitness challenges. But I recently started doing it in my real life too. Wanting something so much you can see it, feel it, taste it, before it ever happens. Live and breathe it so clearly in your mind it has no chance but to happen in real life.
Visualize the life you want.
Than make it freaking HAPPEN.
🤗❤️🙌🏼 #grateful so freaking grateful. #chasejoy

Did this entire workout with my pants on inside out. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Taking my workout OUTSIDE this morning (or this burnout at least). Here we go, 4 rounds // 10 reps:
- Walking lunges, back peddle - in and out squat jumps - runners lunges (elevated)
- uphill frog jump burpees
- modified v sits - flutter/scissor kicks
GET OUTSIDE YALL! It’s lovely.
Ok Monday, feeling so freaking ready for ya 🙌🏼🔥🙏🏼 #TGIM
Tag a friend and take your workout outside today #workoutbuddy

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