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Erin Bailey  Boston. Fitness professional. Marketing consultant. Feminist. Fitness model. Blogger. Kitty mama. #ChaseJoy


Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.
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Already ready for round ✌🏼
Kai acai bowl from my @jugosboston fam πŸ’™

I never thought this city would feel like home πŸ’™

This life is so, so good.
Soak. It. Up.
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You get what you work for. It's that simple.
And when you work for yourself holiday weekends don't always exist. Because I love what I'm working toward and fighting for.
So here's to the entrepreneurs. Those who live outside the 9-5. Those that are living their passions. Those that step outside the box. Those that might work through this weekend. Those that are chasing their joy.
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It takes courage to stand up and be who you truly are.
It's easy to sit back and judge. To sit behind a computer screen and create an opinion about someone. It's easy to pick people apart. It's easy to bring people down.
But what if instead we spread love. What if instead of our faults and our flaws we highlighted our strengths. What if instead of our judgements we celebrated our differences. What if it didn't matter what our mistakes were, but we stood up and we forgave and we moved forward.
You're stronger than their words. You're stronger than their insecurities. You will rise above.
Stand up. Spread love. ❀️
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Sometimes we just need a little perspective, and a whole lotta love. πŸ˜»πŸ’™

How I move through life.
Day by day.
One foot in front of the other.
Head held high.
Always pushing forward.
With the people that lift me up.
Chasing my joy.
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Exactly two years ago today I did my first (and most likely only) bikini fitness competition. Something most people don't know about me. It's how I jumped in the deep end with my personal fitness.
Here's my #transformationtuesday .
The picture on the left is the night before my show. My leanest. I walked on stage at 7% body fat. 7% soak that in because it's insane. I competed because I'd met an amazing coach and was looking for a fitness challenge. I knew NOTHING of the world I was getting myself into. And over the 6 months I trained I learned so much about what my body could do and LOVED the challenge. But over those six months I became obsessed with myself and how I looked. My world and those close to me revolved around my eating and training schedule and often my mood swings. I was often grumpy and snapped at everyone. It wasn't me. I couldn't walk out of the bathroom without doing an ab check first. I remember starting to relish in that null hunger you felt constantly. It became my life. Something I'm proud to say I've been through, and prouder to say I made it out the other side with my self esteem intact.
The picture on the right is from this morning (as I had to take new digitals. Sitting at 17% body fat and enjoying pretty much whatever I want to. LOVING the life I've built and even more the other side of fitness that I've found. Competing taught me what I was capable of, pushing me past my limits. It's just not somewhere I want to be again.
People have asked me to coach them through shows before but what you don't realize is it's EFFING hard. And the way you look in stage is how you look for ONE day. You're hungry, dehydrated, and depleted. Your body fat is not sustainable. You will gain some if not all or more of the weight back.
I share because I think its important to understand your WHY in everything you do. I competed to learn about my body, to push my extremes, and ultimately understand how hard it is to lose weight for potential clients I would train. I've found my new why in fitness, to keep my sanity, to be healthy, to challenge myself, and ultimately help others find their own love of fitness.
My ultimate transformation Tuesday ❀

Progress, a little bit everyday. It's not always about seeking an end goal, but just being better than you were yesterday. Or in this case last Monday. And the Monday before that.
Progress. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ @georgeforeman3 πŸ“ @everybodyfights #alwaysinthefight

Hydration station. πŸ’š
Often times you think you're hungry when you're really just thirsty. So before you reach for that extra snack, grab an extra glass of water (or fresh juice!). My current favorite @jugosboston fresh coconut water (straight from the coconut!). What's up summer πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Ending this weekend on a high, but so ready to sweat with yall this week. Always important to find balance. Unplug. Drink the beer. Eat cake. Order the queso. It all almost makes you crave the healthy lifestyle more.
So this week, let's go.

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