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Erin Bailey  NC -> Boston. Fitness professional. Independent consultant. Girl boss. Feminist. Fitness model. Blogger. #ChaseJoy


"No such thing as a life that's better than yours." - {j.cole}
📷 @ncoskyphoto

You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings. {elizabeth gilbert}
Grateful for you ❤️ @jamisonbolt

I sure didn't want to but dragged my butt to the gym once I got to the hotel. If we're being honest, I mostly did it so I'd earn the @barrio_cleveland tacos I ordered for take out. #PSA you can't get margaritas to go. Guess I'll eat in tomorrow 🤗
Looking forward to a week of shooting in Cleveland this week! Any fitness studio, food, or coffee suggestions I want them 🌮🍪☕️

Let's be honest, the majority of my days I'm a sweaty mess. I'm either teaching, working out, or running to my next meeting. I sweat a lot.
So my skin suffers. It just does.
Full transparency here, @freskincare reached out for me to share about their skin care developed specifically for those who are on the go and SWEAT. I said I'd try it but wouldn't share unless its something I would purchase.
I've been using @freskincare for about two months now and I'm in love. It's very gentle on your skin while leaving you feeling fresh and clean. I now use it religiously and the only times I have significant breakouts now are after trips where I couldn't bring it with me (travel size next please!). I'm not kidding.
I'm a huge fan. And lucky I took the train to #NYC so I could carry it with me :)
If you're active like me and see your skin taking the fall, try it. Seriously.
EBAILEY for 25% off 👌🏼

For a body that moves. For an incredible community around me. For a supportive family. For the opportunities in front of me.
Thank you @pelotoncycle for having me tonight and @pelotonjenn for the climbs 🙏🏼💙
And @sophia_celine wonderful to meet you lady!

Chasing dreams I didn't even know I had. Something that felt so out of reach suddenly right in front of me.
Never underestimate yourself.
Never doubt you.
Don't be the one that creates your limitations. Plenty of people in the world to do that for you.
Run. Chase opportunity. Dream so big it scares you. And then go and do it.
NYC. Let's see what you've got.

Spending my evening going though my old memories. I'm moving to a new apt (still in the neighborhood) so spending my days decluttering and reminiscing. Tonight I found my high school/college/life journal. A journal that's covered in peace signs, and filled with quotes, songs, stories, love notes never sent, on going bucket lists, days I never want to forget, and dreams I'm still chasing.
Halfway through I found this quote that reads more like a toast or maybe a life motto. It's written by my mom and dad, sent in my 21st birthday card that I received while studying abroad in South Africa. Lyrical and beautiful and something I wanted to share, something I hope you know too.
"May you live life fully, find happiness in the little things, follow all your dreams, always realize how truly beautiful you are - and never forget how much you are loved." - Mom&Dad ❤️

It's one of my favorite things to do, cook. My "me time". Tonight's menu: @eatbanza pesto pasta with local zucchini, tomatoes, spinach and @tbs_boston homemade tomato basil sausage 😍

Golden rule, make yourself happy first.
Because when you are fully yourself you bring out the best in others. Be your best you. Chase your own joy. #Chasejoy #motivationmonday •••
📷 @jamisonbolt

Work is important.
Careers are important.
Friends are important.
But family trumps.
Grateful to have spent time with some of mine this weekend. Grateful to have them here to love extra hard.
Sharing a friendly reminder to remember what's important to you. To not get bogged down by your day to day life. To take time to see your loved ones. To hug your people a little tighter. To love a little deeper. ❤️

One year ago today I wrote "What do we deserve?". A blog post that began as a rant and turned into a pivotal turning point in my life.
One year later over 3M people have read the post. +800 people chose to comment. And over 15 top media outlets reached out to repost including @time, @yahoo and @selfmagazine .
One year later people still email me sharing their stories of street harassment.
One year later I still get hate emails that I don't deserve the respect demanded.
One year later I still hold on to the email I got from a father, who after reading my post he sat down with his two sons 11 and 14 and made them read it too, and discuss what street harassment means.
One year later I'm incredibly humbled by the continuous support and insane opportunities this viral blog post brought me.
One year later I still get harassed weekly on the streets. But one year later I feel empowered, I have a thicker skin, and a greater sense of responsibility to lead women to feel stronger and empowered.
One year later we still have an immense amount of work to do. We're not in a better position, maybe worse. But we move forward one step at a time.
One year later I'm reflecting on what this simple post did for me. The doors that opened, the people who entered my life, the momentum it created that has yet to slow down.
This blog post taught me you have a voice. You are important. Use it.
#WeAllDeserveMore #feminist

I get a lot of questions about how I do what I do. I built this life. I quite literally wrote a list of things I wanted to do and things I didn't and created a career around that one step at a time. It comes with sacrifice, but also great reward.
One of my career goals was to always be financially stable enough and flexible enough to be able to last minute book a trip home.
Build the life you want. Make a list. And check it off one by one. Four years later checking off the last minute flight home.
Mom and dad, see you soon. ❤️

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