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Life goes on without you. When times get tough, the ones who care will show. The ones who don't will hide. Take note of everyone and everything.
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Very thankful for all of the people who contacted me yesterday. Went out for a nice ride, next thing I knew I was being slammed into by some idiot in a car on my bike. Amazed that I only got a few scratches. My bike is in bad condition, but I couldn't care less about that. This previous week has hit me with a ton of reality and made me take a second look at everything and everyone in my life. I would've never expected to get 100+ people making sure I was okay. It's unreal how much the programming and Instagram community has positively affected my life. Taking the bike into the shop Monday to see what I'll have to do to get it back and perfect again. This is only a set back, nothing I can't recover from. 📷: @campful

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If I lost it all tomorrow who would still be there?

It's coming.

Pushing myself to see daily progression.

I can feel you changing in my hands.

This is only the beginning.

Life replays with you.

Train yourself to function without dependencies. Life is much more enjoyable when the only person you depend on is yourself.

The past two months I've been crazy busy with work and haven't had much time to interact with people here. I fell off shortly after I got my job I feel like, I had to take time to focus. In the past few months I've worked on several projects. My main has been for Hilti, building software to help maintain their web platform. I've just recently launched that to the public. After the launch of that, I began working on a project directed for use by General Electric and other consumers in the oil and natural gas field. I remember when I thought freelance was where it's at and that it would suck to work for a company. I was extremely wrong. I have learned a ridiculous amount about what development actually is and the process behind everything. I have grown exponentially as a developer and a person through my job the past few months. Now that I'm settling in and things are working themselves out, I hope to do some personal projects that can benefit everyone. I planned on Code Plug for awhile but I started it with terrible timing. But anyways, more dev content coming now and I mixed up my editing style here because I'm bored of my old style. Code on peoples ✌🏽

Finally feel back to normal after a crazy few weeks of work. Life is goooood. Thanks to @campful for the photo. Unreal the level of thought he puts into his shots and editing. Good stuff.

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