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I love this feeling, the feeling of being so consumed and passionate about the work surrounding me that I forget every worry I used to have. I love when projects take over my mind to the point I can’t stop thinking about them. I love the feeling of progression, especially when it’s exponential. #simplementor

Failure is inevitable, just go for it. #simplementor

My body is burning with passion, I’m letting it take me where it wants to.

Been here one weekend out of every month for the past three. Absolutely love it and the area. See you soon @1hotels

Final day of apartment searching, then a client meeting in West Palm Beach in the morning. Had to take a break and grab some pizza first. #simplementor

I got the keys #simplementor

Back to Miami for the third time in the past month and a half. This time, it’s a little different. #simplementor

Believe in yourself, #simplementor

I caught myself yesterday thinking “why don’t I just try harder on investing in stocks, I could make so much more money”. But then I realized something. I don’t really enjoy stocks that much, it’s made me some money but I really don’t have a passion for it. Then I reminded myself, it’s not all about making money off of things, it’s about enjoying what you actually do, the money comes along with it. If you chase the dollar to places you don’t want to go, you won’t be happy. Personally I see myself developing software for investors and not actually trying to make it a living. Just a reminder to focus on what you love and don’t let the money distract you, let it push your true passions further. I like the approach @meetrobel has with his account, it’s like he’s writing to remind himself of his mindset during certain times. Similar to the reason why I post here, to not only remind others but myself as well.

On to the next year, filled with more and more progression. Made sure that I hit every goal I set for myself last year. One of my most important was providing a resource for people to learn what I do and take advantage of it. The Simple Mentor course has now provided two students positions inside of my agency. I love seeing progression within myself, but I live to see progression in others with me. My next course begins Jan. 1st. If you’re interested, send me a DM and let’s talk. Congratulations to the students in my course who are already seeing success. Let’s make and do even more this year.

Excited for this following year. The previous has been awesome and filled with progression. If you’re interested in joining my next course, the start date is January 1st! Make sure you are enrolled by December 28th to get in, feel free to message, email or call me if you have any questions or want to know more. #simplementor

Miami has been good for round two. Looked at some apartments and still have a few more to see tomorrow. I’d like to get one in Miami while also keeping mine in Tulsa. That way friends and family can go take vacations whenever they want and have a place to stay. It’s been awesome having my two friends @campful and @iamzell__ with me this time. I love how much motivation I get when I come here. // #simplementor

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