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I get asked all of the time how to get jobs. Whether that be freelance, contract or corporate positions. I strongly believe in the direction Code For Cash (@codeforcash ) is headed in. Even being an employed developer I find their resources extremely useful and beneficial. Whether you're looking to get your first jobs, add to your stack, or network, Code For Cash can help. Click the link in my bio to sign up and receive 15% each month. // #CodeForCash #worldcode #ad #sponsored

Got some much needed time away from the computer screen.

Sunday's are my day of reflection every week. My day to appreciate the previous six. My day to look forward to the next. My day to look back on progression. My day to be thankful for what I have and to set goals for what I don't. Happy Sunday.

I lost track but I'm coming back.

Quit lying to yourself.

Not sure where my mind is headed this week.

Collaboration is important. Without it you become closed-minded and what you do becomes the only right way. Hung out with @marianoaavila a local designer/developer yesterday. It feels good to see someone else's perspective. His work is definitely worth checking out, he's got the right idea.

Do you ever miss the feeling of struggling? I feel like I was a better person when life was a struggle. When I had to worry about things. Having everything, but having nothing. Having nothing, but having everything.

When you love what you do, you are unstoppable. Today marks 180 days from the day I told myself that I would either get a career built for myself or go to college. I took the risk of investing what seemed a lifetime of being broke (3 months) for something that could never work out. I knew what I wanted and I knew I could get to it, I just had to figure out how and execute. Now after 6 months and being on track to make over 6 figures this year, it has shown that it is worth the risk and the time. Invest now, prosper later.

I'll be back tomorrow I continually tell myself.

Sat down with my boss the other day and asked him how he built his multi-million dollar company. He said he remembered when he was my age and he asked his boss the following "how do I get your job?". You can probably infer what my next question was to him. That lead into relationship building in a business environment. He explained how he didn't just get lucky, but he built relationships with every single person he worked with until he built an empire. He said he saw himself in my eyes, and I saw who I wanted to be in his. I usually am not one to lose motivation or drive, but beforehand I had. Now I feel like barreling forward again. Always have someone that you look up to, because you can always improve yourself. // #codeon

The month of May was awesome, this weekend was a great beginning to the next. Thank you to all of the people who congratulated me on the new place. Everything seems unreal still but it goes to show if you set goals and execute you can make shit happen. // #codeplug #worldcode

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