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A Pocket of Resistance  "We went from wormholes to warm holes multidimensional portals" |a phi based being| |boundless energy| |unstoppable momentum| Ⓥ


All rebels do not rebel the same way tho, we got plenty students, many masters addressing different matters, covering all angles. Consciousness has just arrived let the former powers that be get ready for a long lesson learning ride. We still out here wether or not they choose to notice us, love thy enemy but never trust them.


Heavy on the mental plane, the natural mystic influences the collective subconscious mind of the masses effortlessly. ...

The first step in healing the body is allowing the body to heal itself. The less the body has to work at getting rid of toxins the more it can have the time & energy to begin to repair whatever needs to be fixed. The body is a machine & just like any piece of equipment it requires service & maintenance to maintain optimal performance. You don't need a doctor to prescribe you medicine all you need is to allow your body the proper nutrients (found in nature) to thrive as the divine specimen that it is in its natural state, heal thyself.

Stay humble, for even the all knowing universe itself is still learning, there is no end test to these lessons, see you forever. ...

What's the point when the spiritually numb avoid that ain't nothing more important than love & joy. ...

Out of sheer fear of the unknown we stay stuck in vicious cycles of constant repetitiveness. Venture out into uncharted lands, expansion is manifested plan in motion, go within.


"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely."
C.G. Jung

The science of silencing the mind is the path to mastering over the mind chatter. First comes thought control then comes the mastery over actions/reactions. Stay mindful of your thought patterns they form habits. Easier said than done I know self discipline is one of the biggest battles I have w/ the physical flesh but there is no doubt in my mind that I will be victorious over my only worthy adversary, myself. Cease the uncertainty, turn off the judgements & allow yourself to be truly free from societal imposed restrictions. The mind is a muscle that requires constant mental conditioning, one must build up its strength until is unbreakable, impenetrable. Become master of your own circumference & remain whole.

People will always talk & in the heat of the moment people will say things that they don't really mean, we are all guilty of it. Don't always take everything at face value especially when it is about you. Learn yourself then study yourself, know yourself then trust yourself. Don't let anyone tell you about you bc they don't know your mission/lesson/life purpose only you do, know self.

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