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Eavan Taylor Ⓥ  Tx~~~Mt📍

Gentle giants❤️ (and I’m not just talkin’ bout the horses)

Shoutout to spring for joining us, cause this paleness #aintit 🌞🌷💕

Nothin beats some quality mother daughter time in the beautiful state of Colorado #amiright

Happy Birthday to my girl Em💋There’s no one else I’d rather Girl Scout with, glow up with, and grow up with💕 Hope you have a wonderful day seester 😘😘

All jokes aside... the hate is definitely counteracted by the love ❤️💞🤗

Make way for the new

Yass sleigh

This is my gf Zel... our favorite hobbies to do together include choreography and interpretive dance #myperson #love

Go shawty it’s ma birthday 🕺🏼💛 Feeling blessed to celebrate another year🎊 Not to mention we had a baller game tonight🏐#scorpioseason #letsgetthisbread #stingersup🐝

Weird flex but.. we look pretty good for not being able to see... #3blind🐭

Happy Birthday to my Meg🦄✨ I miss all of the weirdness that comes from us being together... love you lots boo <33 #nastynineteen

Francisco! That’s fun to say! -Buddy the elf