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Simon and Martina Stawski  We live in Japan 🇯🇵 and love food, coffee, and our dog Spudgy and cat Meemers.

⛈Stay dry and safe everyone! Monsoon season is upon Tokyo! Does your home city have monsoons? 💦

🎶Catching some late night busking on the way home 🎶

☕️Enjoying a latte from one of my favourite coffee shops in Tokyo. 🤕Had a rough physiotherapy session today (rib & hip subluxations) so this happy latte acts as positive reinforcement for my mind and encourages me to go back to physiotherapy again despite the pain/relief it causes! #buildaladder

You don't always need to go to a sushi place for great fish. 🍣 Enjoying fresh sashimi at our favourite izakaya, Bakawarai 💕

🏮Sensoji Temple 浅草寺 is gorgeous but don't forget to appreciate the pagodas, bells, and gates surrounding it. ⛩ This is Sensoji Temple's five story pagoda.

New video up now! 🎥We traveled to Gifu with Chef @yosuke_suga and his team and went on a 48 Hour non-stop adventure! #sugatavie

🍉I like your style, you strange little giant blonde beehive diamond yukata summer girl.🍧

🍙Trying to #buildaladder with a small walk to get a yummy salmon onigiri 🍙

Went back to Gomei (the Akita beef restaurant) and had an even more incredible meal than before! 💕Beef croquettes with sea urchin and shaved truffles...just as an appetizer. So delicious. 🤤

👘New video up now! 🍧What does a local Obon お盆 or Bon 盆 Festival look like?

Never be ashamed of your mobility aids, remember, they are invented to aid you! ♿️ And did you know, they love being paired with cute dresses and practical shoes? (^ω^)✨

Caught in the act while digging into my shaved ice treat. o(^_-)O🍧Had an amazing time dancing and eating at our local Bon Festival. We're putting together some footage to share with you all too! 💕

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