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Simon and Martina Stawski  We live in Japan 🇯🇵 and love food, coffee, and our dog Spudgy and cat Meemers.

()•ㅊ•() Whoa! I'm a mug! New merch added to our store! 💕 Mugs and pillows, oh my! and then click on STORE 😜

🍊New video up now! Come join us on our incredible journey with @yosuke_suga chef of SUGALABO, as we explore Ehime Prefecture in search of the best produce.🍊Big thanks to the amazing @01homeless for his epic drone footage 💕and we can't forget the talented Chef @rikuyakushijin

🌸Just because you have a side shave, doesn't mean you can't be creative and girly! Anyone else rocking short hair? 🌸

╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ Thank you so much to my friend and coworker @anamariahfm for getting me this ADORABLE Hello Kitty cane! All the stickers I put on my other cane (in an attempt to make it cute) ended up torn and peeling off, but now I don't have to worry about the rain or humid weather ruining a perfectly cute cane! 💕 #buildaladder

🍜New video up now! 🍜Simon digs into 15 Special Edition Final Fantasy Cup Noodles...and he loses.

A yummy bowl of chirasizushi ちらし寿司 consisting of freshly chopped tuna, salmon, squid, sweet egg roll, cucumber, and salmon roe all served up on sushi rice for just ¥800 💕

🍜I hope one day everyone can visit Japan and enjoy the amazing ramen culture. 🍜

New Martina's Midnight Munchies up now! Making Beef Udon 肉うどん and it's oh so easy!

Forgot to post a photo of my magic glittering holographic unicorn nails done by @littlenailsalon 🦄💕

Thinly sliced, tender & buttery, freshly grilled...wagyu sushi! 🤤

🎂 Had a great birthday soaking my achy joints in a natural hot spring in Hakone. If you're worried about visiting an onsen in Japan and being rejected because of your tattoos, be sure to book a room with a private tub! ♨️

🎂What kind of cake do you get Martina for her birthday? The coco curry kind! 🎂

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