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Simon and Martina Stawski  We’ve been living in Asia for over 10 years, trying to eat our body weight in sushi. 🍣 Everyday we strive #buildaladder 🖤 Find us on YouTube⤵️

Simon sticking to his New Year’s resolution to “pet more dogs”. Gosh, I’m just so proud of him. 😭

=^ㅅ^= My name is Prince Meemers. I enjoy wet food, my crinkle catnip toy, and sleeping on my mom’s face suffocating her using my freshly groomed soft, fat, furry body.

New video up now 🎥 Have you heard about Japan’s incredible Soufflé Pancakes? 🥞 MAGIC FLUFFY CLOUDS!!! But...what’s up with the’ll have to watch to find out 😉 #パンケーキ #soufflepancake

🚄 Currently zipping along on the bullet train, heading back to Tokyo after our fantastic trip to Otsu and Kobe. Enjoying a temari sushi #ekiben from Kyoto Station for lunch. 🍱 Can you name all these little balls of goodness? 🤔 #手まり寿司

We went to eat traditional Japanese sweets (wagashi) at a famous shop in Otsu, and this super happy worker was really giving me Samurai Champloo Fuu-vibes!🌻 Am I crazy or does anyone else see it too? #wagashi

Having a real, reeeeaaal rough body day. Feels like I was thrown down a flight of stairs and then stepped on by a group of dancing elephants🐘😑 It’ll be more important than ever to #buildaladder today, so I’m starting out by sharing a ridiculous picture of this gorgeous cherry blossom tree from Otsu. 🌸 Let’s share something good that happened to us today, no matter how small. 😊

Werk it~ 📷 Simon giving me accidental male model realness at the unbelievably gorgeous Miidera Temple. 📷

Captured some gorgeous sakura strewn waves on #LakeBiwa 😍 Had to include one of my all time favourite songs, “Cherry Waves” by @deftones as it only felt right. 🍒🌊

A gorgeous sunset seeing us out of Kichijoji. 🚅 Tomorrow morning we’re taking the bullet train (shinkansen) to #Otsu City 📷 Of course, we’ll be filming...we might even throw in a food livestream 😉

Two new videos up now! 🎥 In our TL:DR on Tattoos in Japan, we talk about our experiences with Japanese people, the struggles, and the fight for legalization of tattooing as an artist. 🎨 🎥 In our second video, Simon talks about the meaning of his completed tattoo and he gets very emotional 🦆💛🦆

While you #buildaladder it’s important to always keep your eyes peeled for little bits of magic hiding amongst the norm. 🌈 The colourful lanterns and street signs above us lit up our table and made it look like epic dragon scales 🐉🍢 #吉祥寺 #おでん

Grateful to the Japanese viewer who sent us this ramen shop recommendation! 🍜 MAJI らぁめん 真風 has such a unique taste. It combines sea bream + pork bones for a light but creamy and delicious broth. The additional pepper helps to balance out all the flavours. 🤤 #らぁめん #らーめん #ramen

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