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The BEST part about my trip to Disney World was eating at Jiko-The Cooking Place in the Animal Kingdom. Not only was there a huge assortment of African specialties, the staff was AMAZING. Truly the highest quality service anyone could ask for. This bowl of Samp and Beans was just the start to a delightful dinner.

I’ve posted this place about 1000 times, but MESSHALL really is one of my favorite brunch spots in Los Feliz. The Chicken Chilaquiles changed my life. Delicious AND (not very) Nutritious.

My friend @la.mala.sol not only took this pic... she also MADE these delicious looking MEXICAN CHOCOLATE ROLLS! She’s got a pop up bakery @semillacoffeelab in Texas... but I have a feeling these treats will be making their way to LA really soon 😉 Follow her for great pics and updates on her whereabouts!!

It’s probably controversial to eat Ribs with a Strawberry based BBQ sauce... But I do not care. This mess was POPPIN!!!! So good. So tender. Not too sweet. Seasoned to perfection.

Salt and Pepper Shrimp though 🤤 I can’t get enough of Traif. One of my favorite restaurants in the world right now.

It’s been a tough decision trying to figure out which dishes to highlight from my trip to NYC. I went to so many amazing restaurants and had some pretty unique plates. One of my favorites, though simple in its presentation, was the Tuna Poke from Seamore’s. It had the perfect blend of citrus and spice. There are also tiny chunks of avocado that send this dish over the edge. My only complaint is of the restaurant itself. We walked in to a room full of empty tables, only to be told that it’d be over an hour wait. After a few minutes, we noticed that nobody was filling those seats and inquired about it once again. Eventually, they sat us at a shared table with another group. I understand that sometimes reservations make seating walk-ins a nightmare, but a little courtesy explanation never hurt. They also asked us to leave soon after we finished, because they wanted to seat another group. That’s pretty common, but was super annoying given the circumstance in which we were seated in the first place. 10 out of 10 for the food 5 out of 10 for the staff.

Is there anything better than a black and white cookie?

The pizza was great and so was the pasta... BUT the real winner here was the Focaccia!!! 🤤 let’s be honest though, I enjoy any restaurant that has crayons at the table xx

Organic Coconut Soft Serve 😍 (Modeled by @carolinejoseph27 ✌️)

The Tartare was pretty good...I question my servers French accent though...

There’s honestly no place like Home 👠👠

@ubibs exposed me to so many great snacks when I was in Thailand. Two of my favorites were Black Jelly and the Sesame Balls in Ginger Soup 😩 I miss the crazy food options in Bangkok. LA does not compare...

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