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Wanderlust Creamery™  Artisanal 🍦 inspired by travel™ Born in└A Destination: around the 🌎 #eatwanderlust #ubecone #japaneseneapolitan


Sundays were made for 🍦. @thatfoodcray Neapolitan (sakura•yuzu•musk melon) X our Japanese Neapolitan™ (matcha•hojicha•black sesame).
Photo via @waxstyles

It’s rather raining rose crystals 🌹!!! Speaking of roses, we will be at @rileyrose all weekend long 😆!!! Tag a friend who loves makeup and ice cream 🍦! Featured flavors here are Lychee Nigori Sake, @thatfoodcray Neapolitan, and Yuzu Cheesecake 😍. 📸: @eatswithanthony #eatwanderlust

We heard all your wishes & so we're back at @rileyrose today and all weekend long! 🌹Tag a friend for some early holiday shopping. Photo via @chinnchillaaa

Catch us on the season finale of @viceland 's Bong Appetit! Watch us make cannabis 🌿infused 🍦, smoke out of nem nuong pipes, and attend a "Food Party" hosted by @thuuuuuuuuuuuuu + the Bong Appetit crew. Tomorrow night @ 10:30pm. #eatwanderlust

It's finally here! @thatfoodcray's neapolitan (yuzu white chocolate•sakura strawberry•Japanese musk melon) is now available in stores (Atwater @ Tarzana). .
Meanwhile, at 📍@smorgasburgla, we're scooping:
Tonka Bean | Yuzu Cheesecake | Sticky Rice Mango | Japanese Neapolitan™ | Ube Malted Crunch™
Tag a friend for #Sundayfunday 🍦. #eatwanderlust
Photo via @thatfoodcray by @adamelramly

We've teamed up travel + lifestyle blog @thatfoodcray to create this "cray" flavor of (g)astronomical proportions: 🍋Yuzu white chocolate.
🌸 Sakura + strawberry pearls.
🍈 Japanese musk melon.
Get this limited edition @Thatfoodcray Neapolitan this weekend!
We're scooping this up at the @thatfoodcray x @urbanoutfitters food fest TOMORROW tomorrow at @space15twenty. Then in stores starting this SUNDAY. Photo by @eatswithanthony! #eatwanderlust

A little mini-escape to kick off the 3 day weekend. Left: a #vegan tour of Asia with Apple Wasabi Sorbet, Sticky Rice Mango, & Lychee Nigori Sake. Right: Gateaux Opéra (Parisian coffee torte), Swiss- inspired Créme + Forest Fruits, & Salted Maple Taffy 🍁 (sea salt ice cream w/ swirls of maple caramel). Get up to 14 different flavors on our "Flight Around the World" 🛩🌎. Photo via @tonyeats. #eatwanderlust

This SAT! We're premiering our special edition @thatfoodcray Neapolitan flavor at the @thatfoodcray X @urbanoutfitters Food Fest at @space15twenty. It incorporates all kinds of cray like yuzu, sakura w/ strawberry pearls + Japanese musk melon. Admission is FREE. Bring cash + an appetite for adventure. TAG a foodie friend!

That 🍦 cray !!! We've teamed up with @thatfoodcray to create this ice cream of gastronomic adventure: yuzu white chocolate 🍊 + sakura strawberry 🌸 + Japanese musk melon 🍈. We're premiering this special edition neapolitan on Saturday NOV 11 at the @thatfoodcray X @urbanoutfitters Food Fest at @space15twenty. Find us there with ...
@lasa_la .
@littleegyptbakery .
@dreampops .
@cheezus_la .
@tikifish .

Happy Sunday! Find some weekend adventure with us at @smorgasburgla, in Atwater Village, or The Valley (Tarzana). Photo via @winniesbalance_ .

New month, new flavors. On top, "Créme + Forest Fruits", inspired by Swiss créme de Gruyere & Alpine berries. Below, "Lychee + Nigori Sake Sorbet" - lychees & fermented rice milk. Check our story for more on this month's flavors.

Trick or treat? 🙃 Be sure to stop in tonight for the latter. Hint: you might find something new 🍦! Photo via @foodiswhyimbroke

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