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Unleavened Fresh Kitchen  Your everyday favorites. ☕️🍳🌯🥗🍷 📍Lakewood 📍Lake Highlands 📍University Park 📍Southlake

Start the week off fresh with a Monday morning favorite: Split Grapefruit Brûlée with Blackberries.

Wine down tonight with some scrumptious bites and a glass (or two) 🍷

From kindergarten to college, we’ve got your grad party catering covered! Food. Treats. Apps. We can even help with the emotional toast. Email today for 20% off your order! 🌞

Sleep in. Breakfast will still be waiting for you. 🍳

Love @jessicakimtuyentran’s fresh take on life ✨

Not all bacon belongs on a burger. 👀 (PC: @thefittexasfoodie)

Love at first crunch. Corn Starch Fried Shrimp on a bed of greens with Shaved Carrots, Sliced Avocado, and Sweet Thai Chili Aioli. (PC: @sovizzle)

Proud sponsor of satisfied tummies. (PC: @jasoncastromusic)

Rise with an extra helping of shine. (PC: @carlys_comida2) ✨

Eat good and feel good with one of our many delicious, wholesome salads! #HappyMonday! (PC: @hungry_sisters)

Wrap up the week with great company and beautiful bites. #cheers! 🌯(PC: @lakewoodshoppingcenter)

Wrap or bed of greens? What's your flavorful fancy? So many to choose from! (PC: @Yum_vannah)