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  husband/ father/ welder -welding aint just a passion its my life, southeast texas / car enthusiast

Hump day #tig

A little rmd action in the field on a 56” stainless

Rmd root downhill, tig fill and cap 5g test

I know some of you guys may or may not like how it was capped in the middle but their procedure required us to do it that way, I'm used to just stacking it across

Sorry for the bad video recording I was trying to hide my phone while recording due to no cell phones allowed lol

So a few weeks ago me and my partner were chosen to run the orbital Flux core machines and we were trained for about a week out here on the job site. pretty much root, hot pass and 1 filler with tig before putting the machines on. I'll post a few videos here of it running before and after, here's after welding one pass with it on my test

Double trouble lol 😭

Welding some chrome using Flux core out here in the field, 4 3/4 thickness

Magnetism at its finest lol

Been awhile since I welded with some squirt gun, I miss it

I'm thankful to be able to do the work I do, to have a one of a kind craft ✊#weldporn #tig #stainless

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