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Mardi Michels  🇫🇷🍴Kids' French + cooking teacher, writer (Toronto) 📚 My book: In the French kitchen with kids (buy it! ⬇️) 🏡 for rent in SW France: @houseinnerac

Spent a fun afternoon yesterday at @theamericanlibraryinparis talking #inthefrenchkitchenwithkids and making creamy yoghurt pots with around 30 kids! So much fun And very cool to meet people who have followed the process of me writing the book on Instagram over the past few years!
Thanks to:
@annmahnet for making the connection to Celeste at the library for me,
@theredwheelbarrowbookstore for bringing my book along to the event to sell,
@hirschfrench for showing up to support me,
@carinaokula for also making the trek into the city and taking these lovely photographs!

Today’s tea time treat: croissant framboise from @stohrer 💕 Right @chezlouloufrance @52martinis ?

Two years ago this week, I was at @plumlyon with @kylazanardi and @itsalwaysbutter shooting images for #inthefrenchkitchenwithkids ...
Today I returned to teach a class using recipes from the now published book. SUCH a surreal experience to see it come full circle like this - the best! 💕

Spent yesterday morning walking down memory lane in #Paris #75002 .... Lived here for just over 5 years in the late 1990s and I’m so pleased to see some things don’t change...

I always love dinner at #semillaparis but especially when my dining companions are @hirschfrench @pattysfood and @doriegreenspan 💕💕💕 Highlights tonight included the scallops with endives and passion fruit, the chocolate crémeux with citrus and saffron, the lime sorbet with olive oil and a caramelized pistachio soft cookie, and the intriguing Mont Blanc with yuzu and yoghurt sorbet.

March Break looks a little like this...

Hello March Break! You’ve been a long time coming!

The Petits Chefs cooked and baked from @jannisescott1 ‘s #oventotablecookbook this week. 15 boys made Twenty Minute Chicken Noodle Soup and Raspberry Swirl Brownies in under an hour in a cramped STEM lab. The great thing about Jan’s book is that the recipes involve minimal cleanup so we were out the door with our soup and our brownies (a complete meal, n’est ce pas!?) in an hour. AND cleanup was done! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Read all about it in the “Petits Chefs” highlight in my profile! Thanks @penguincanada for the review copy!

For #TuesdayswithDorie this week we made @doriegreenspan ’s Moroccan Semolina and Almond Cookies from #DoriesCookies. Not too sweet with a crumbly shortbread-y texture, these are a lovely treat to have at the end of a meal or with an afternoon espresso or mint tea.

When your Grade 6s come to the end of a unit learning all about #Haiti and they’ve researched typical dishes, you let them choose a few recipes to cook together!
We made bananes pesées (fried plantains), Soupe Joumou (the traditional Sunday soup and also the soup eaten on Independence Day Jan 1st), beef patties, coconut ice cream and banana pancakes (which doesn’t seem Haitian at all but which appears on our food research website. When you look closer at the recipe you see how it IS typically Haitian as it’s ’s not made with milk - not common in Haitian cooking - and was an interesting recipe for the boys to attempt!)
A highlight was watching the boys cooking together, showing good teamwork and problem-solving. Another was watching them eat the food and be pleasantly surprised by some of the dishes. For the boys, I think the highlight might definitely have been getting to use the special plantain press which I brought back from Haiti! #kidscancook #CookingWithKids #KidsInTheKitchen #FoodEducation

#seenonmyrun this morning. 10km before 10am (and not even a race, just a “long Sunday run”)
If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d still be running and take on 10km outside a race I’d have laughed so hard. It wasn’t the fastest run (that’s the “slow” part) but I was never out of breath and managed to keep up a conversation the whole way (thanks @rabbitbons 🤗). This time last year, I definitely couldn’t run this far, even at a slow pace, and keep up a conversation and not be out of breath. So, I’m not the fastest runner out there and I never will be but I’m enjoying the journey.
It also helps when the sidewalks are clear for the first time in like forever.

Had so much fun at @lecreusetcanada @cfsherway this afternoon demoing two recipes from #inthefrenchkitchenwithkids : financiers and mini jam tarts!
As well as working with the fabulous Le Creuset nonstick bakeware (the regular and mini muffin tins), I got to see the beautiful new Le Creuset colours in all their glory, Sage and Meringue (see the beautiful sage serving platter!)
Thanks so much @bonnemaman_ca for providing the best jam to use in my jam tarts, I could barely bake them fast enough… I’ll be back in-store in April demoing more tasty food, so watch this space!
(Shoutout to @dailypearlstoronto for my lovely pieces and @beautycounter’s #flawlessinfive both of which really help a girl feel human again after a long (so long!) teaching week!)

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