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One of my goals for 2018 is to be able to do a pull up 🏋🏻‍♀️ There’s only about two weeks left before the year ends and I think I’ve eaten more toast than practice my pull ups 🤭But who can say no when it’s loaded with 🍓jam & ricotta 🧀? Also. In 2019 I’m predicting I’ll be lifting my 🍴more than ever. Stay tuned. #jacqeatsinboston

It’s December tomorrow! That means my house is on 🌲party prep mode. Yes there’s still 25 days left but it’s a big production here. I typically don’t do kitchen prep but last year my mom trusted me to fold all the wontons. And now this year she’s talking 🥟🥟🥟 ridges. Maybe I should visit @dintaifungusa some more to perfect those 18 folds 🤔 For research! #jacqeatsinoc

Has this ever happened to anyone before?! On multiple occasions in different grocery stores, I had been stopped by strangers complimenting my hair. The conversation would somehow divert to what I do for work and then suddenly they would each tell some variation of the SAME EXACT SCENARIO: they are planning to quit their job soon cause they have a friend who retired at a young age and will show them how to invest. Is this some sort of scam? They don’t want to anything from me nor are they selling any program of sorts. What do they want? I need to know!! Anyone with an answer can join me at @snoozeameatery for brunch splitting this 🥞 flight. I NEED ANSWERS! #jacqeatsinoc

Because of the 🌨 tonight and my reluctance to ever carry an 🌂, I was stranded at the gym for an extra 30 mins. I lifted, pushed, pulled more things than I would have liked. But does this give me permission to order ✌🏼servings of this infamous butter beef? #jacqeatsinvancouver

Ok I lied. That 80% I talked about in my last post also includes 🥑, 🍞, & 🥑🍞 in that order. Cause I’m a millennial 🤷🏻‍♀️ Even the folks at @avocadocafeirvine know my order now #jacqeatsinoc

It’s hard to tell with all these food pics I post but 80% of my diet consists of 🍳&🥬 cause tbh that’s the extent of my culinary skills 🤭but don’t worry there are short ribs under all the greens in this @medinacafe fricasse for extra protein and my sanity #jacqeatsinvancouver

Now that I am home all day, @amazonhome Alexa is now my only work buddy. She tells me the weather and turns on my light but girl really lacks a lot of personality. Never understands my sarcasm. I’m starting to feel like a caveman here with no one to share this seafood casserole with 🦐🦞🦑 oh what to do... #jacqeatsinla

The table next to me totally judged me for taking a picture of my food. I shrugged it off cause what they don’t know was that I got special lunch menu privilege during breakfast hours. Yup I’m cool 😎 They can roll their 👀 all they want, but they’re missing out on the best 🍔 I’ve had from The Henry @cosmopolitan_lv 👌 I mean cmon it even looks exactly like the emoji #jacqeatsinvegas

Congratulations, you survived the Monday after Thanksgiving. Now that November is basically done and over with, push the pumpkin spice lattes aside and time to draw attention to something much better: holiday 🍪🍪🍪 ... and oh ofc 🥑🍞 @snoozeameatery got the latter covered all year round #jacqeatsinoc

No Thanksgiving content here 🦃 just more rice and 🍳 Happy Thanksgiving! #jacqeatsinvancouver

My aunt is in town and staying with us for the rest of week. I love her dearly but woman had been here for only an hour and has been telling me what I should or should not be doing. Probably the only way to divert her attention is to get her some comfort food from @brodardrestaurant #jacqeatsinoc

I was hungry before I left the 🏡 for the gym so decided to pop some instant dumplings in the microwave (not proud of this). I left it unattended for a short two mins and when I came back, these 🥟 look like oven baked roast (definitely not proud of this). Clearly I won’t be making Thanksgiving dinner this year but if you leave the ordering to me, bossam with be sure to be on my menu #jacqeatsinla

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