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Stephanie β€’ MindBodyNutrition  Host of the #HappyHealthyMomSummit (Sep 24-29) holistic nutritionist + eating psychology coach + personal trainer Check out my birthday sales! πŸ‘‡

Three things in this picture that I love:

1. The book Big Magic by @elizabeth_gilbert_writer . If you haven't read it, GO READ IT. It's one of my favorites ever.

2. @rxbar - my favorite is the chocolate sea salt flavor. It's like a delicious brownie. You can order a case of them on Amazon, so get on it! The chocolate coconut one is delish too.

3. Tiny little plants. Particularly fake ones that I can't kill. Yes, I've even killed a couple cacti. (Why do I feel so snobbish using that word? Should I say cactuses?) Happy Friday!

PC @simplytaylorblog

"If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." -Thomas Edison

Over the past year I have done lots of things that I thought myself incapable of doing.
As an English Lit major, I never had any aspirations to do much other than bookish stuff. Reading, talking about books, maybe teaching if I got desperate.

Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I would one day get a Master's degree - in SCIENCE of all things - and start my own business.
Talk about unqualified - I was the most unqualified person I could have imagined.

And yet here I am, having done it.
I started. I jumped in. No, I had no idea what I was doing, and I'm still learning every day and realizing how far I have to go. But I'm doing it, I'm figuring it out, and I LOVE the person I have become in the process.

I would amend Mr. Edison's quote by saying, "If we did even a fraction of the things we are capable of doing, we would live a life better than we could ever imagine." We - you and me both - are capable of more than we know. So if there's a dream you have that scares you or something you want to achieve that you think you're unqualified to do -

I believe in you. That's all. ❀

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Eat Happy Nutrition is 1 today!
What a year. I've changed so much over the last year and grown by starting this little business of mine.

To celebrate, I'm offering a fun sale on all my products today, so stay tuned!

"The world will tell you how to live, if you let it. Don’t let it. Take up your space. Raise your voice. Sing your song. This is your chance to make or remake a life that thrills you." -Shauna Niequist @sniequist
A life that thrills you. What does that look like?

For me, it means a life that challenges me, excites me, and is full to the bursting with things that make me happy and push me to grow and improve.
But also a life filled with quiet moments, with inner peace, with space to breathe.

A life that thrills you is no accident. It is a conscious creation - needing both careful curation of the good and cutting out of the unnecessary.
The paradox is sometimes hard to wrap my mind around - the way I have to push myself and yet slow down, lean in and yet know when to take a breath.
Always noticing if the things I've allowed into my life are getting me closer or further away from the life I want and the version of me I want to become.
Making a life that thrills me, one day at a time.

A friendly reminder to drink enough water today!

I've filled up my favorite jar from @thepioneerwoman to sip on this morning.
And I always eat the ice when the water is gone. 😊 Not because I'm anemic (I'm not), and I know it's bad for my teeth...I just love crunching on ice.
Let's call it a guilty pleasure, except I don't feel guilty. πŸ€” So just straight pleasure!

Half the battle of living a healthy lifestyle is figuring out all the logistics. Or maybe even 3/4 of the battle! πŸ™‚

Meal planning, grocery shopping, scheduling in workouts, figuring out timing, making space in your day for cooking and cleaning up the's more than just good intentions or a decision to try harder.
It's a daily commitment to yourself - to treat yourself as amazingly as you deserve.
That mindset helps me a lot - looking at those repetitive tasks as a means to an end (feeling amazing) instead of drudgery to be gotten through. (Even though you all KNOW how much I hate grocery shopping, I do love having it done!) So take a few minutes today - even though it's not the beginning of the week - and jot down a plan for how you'll take better care of yourself and your health this week.

Figure out childcare so you can get in a workout. Set aside a few minutes to chop some vegetables to keep on hand for snacks.
Take one small step toward having the healthy life you want to have. Don't wait until you have it all together or have more time or less stress or more something else. Just do something - even one small thing - right now.

Feeling amazing isn't an accident - it's the by-product of careful planning and commitment to a higher goal of health and happiness. It's never easy, but it's always worth it!

What will you do today to care for yourself?
I put a pork roast in the crock pot so dinner won't be a big deal later on, went grocery shopping, and went for a walk this morning even when I didn't feel like getting out of bed - and I felt better afterwards. Of course I did. 😊

My wish for you this Monday morning is that you're NOT starting a diet. 😊

Happy new week!
Quote by @bodyimagemovement from the #embracedocumentary - you need to watch it if you haven't already!

Grocery shopping day. I foolishly put it off all week so now I get to go to Costco with the rest of San Antonio. 😫
I'm thinking of trying a grocery pick-up service, except I'm worried about the quality of the produce. Moldy berries, bruised apples, wilted cilantro, etc.
Have you tried a pick-up service? How did you like it? Is it worth the trade-off of loss of control over your choices?
I have issues: control freak, and extreme grocery shopping aversion. #sendhelp
And if only my shopping was as beautiful as @livlight_ who took this picture.

My Friday night plans = a nice big stack of books. 😍
Because every time I go to the library I get really greedy and bring home stacks of awesome books that, in reality, I won't get around to before their due date. I just can't help myself.
I'm going to finish Dreamland and start on The Lost Book of the Grail.

What are your Friday plans? And more importantly, πŸ˜„ what are you reading right now?? πŸ“· by @lizzyloveshealth

I mentioned in my stories the other day that I started an awesome home workout program from @fitnessblender. I did day 4 today I'm sore. 😊
Even though daily exercise is a well-established part of my routine, it's always nice to switch it up and challenge my body in different a different way.
With the kids home, it's harder to get to the gym, so this program was just the thing for what may have turned into a summer slump.
What's working for you right now for exercise?

P.S. This pic is from the glorious solo trip I took to Colorado a while back. As much as I wish I had this carpet in my house. πŸ˜‚ But man, I loved my time alone there! #takemeback

Not everything we think is true.
This is a lesson I have to learn over and over again. My thoughts are not always true, and they don't always reflect reality.

It's a constant practice for me to choose thoughts that serve me, make me happier, and improve my life.

I refuse to give power (attention) to thoughts that make me sad, anxious, or angry. Well, I try. 😊
If you're stuck thinking a certain way, just try asking yourself, "Is this true?" That helps pull me out of the swirl of myself and see whether or not the thought (I'm not good enough, this person is the worst, my kids drive me crazy, I look terrible in this swimsuit, etc.) is a thought worth empowering.
Sounds a little kooky, maybe, but it has made such a difference in the way I feel about myself and my life. So try it! πŸ˜„

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