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Fatso Peanut Butter  High Performance Peanut Butter enriched with super fats: Coconut oil, avocado oil, MCT oil, chia, flax, and prebiotic fiber. 🥜🥥🥑 SHOP/FIND⬇️

Oh fig season. Just put them@on everything pls n thnx. This little bold from Fatso buddy @brucesroots looks like it could really hit the spot.
Repost @brucesroots
WHERE DO YOU PLACE YOUR VALUE? 1,2,3 or 4? Please share your archetype, created by @danajames

Everyone knows what you eat and absorb impacts your health, but so does your mindset. @danajames wrote a book all about where women get their power from. I personally resonated with Ayurveda (plant based unless therapeutic), but it’s always neat to look at things from other angles. So here we go, 4 Archetypes:
1- Nurturer: self worth from being there for others, people pleaser, hold space for others. People rely on them, but they always feel like they need to be there which results in taking on too many responsibilities - so the adrenals thyroid get taxed and estrogen imbalance occurs. This creates a body type that insulin dominant, estrogen dominant and often see weight on things.
2- Wonder Women: their value is based on their success and achievement in life.
The dominant hormone is cortisol, a stress hormone, which leads to fat being stored on the abdominals. A big emphasis here on managing stress, work life balance and self care. Avoiding food sensitivities, commonly gluten and dairy, is smart because that impacts cortisol levels in the body. This person believes they’re worthy of attention if successful. Reward eating is common, ie dark chocolate. Why do you feel the need is a good question to ask. What is going on in your life that you feel you need that? There’s an underlying issue.
3- Femme fatale: value placed on appearance and looks. Their worth is based on their body. Often on and off diets. More likely to be obsessed with food, eating disorders .. 80% of the time they’re thinking of food.
4- Ethereal: Value based on creativity. They’re often categorized by others as different, fluid, light and airy. These females are sensitive & intuitive. Often the ‘skinny vegan girl’ per Dana. Health imbalances are usually low estrogen levels, depression and microbiome issues.
Ok which one are you?? So interesting, right?
Smoothie bowl: @puricawellness chocolate chaga, 🍌, cinn, cauliflower topped

As I head back to the island just wanted to let my Okanagan customers know about this great little shop @sproutbreadshop that just opened in Kelowna! Fantastic sour doughs, pastries and coffee program- AND THEY CARRY FATSO! It’s a must-eat in K-Town #sourdough

I love when I remember A: it’s Tuesday and B: I have a Fatso toast picture for y’all. Guys I have both.Toast is just a pallet for pretty fruits and delicious Fatso- #toastythoughts #toasttuesday
Thanks to @thenakdkitchen for this sweet 📸

HAPPY BC DAY everyone! I’m up in the Okanagan today hustling for those sweet sweet Fatso sales (if you have a favourite local place let me know ASAP!)- but I do plan on hitting the lake at some point! Aldo, wracked my photos for a Fatso snap with some great BC fruit but alas... I promise to eat at least half my weight in peaches and cherries over the next couple of days. 🍑🤞🍒

If I can get just one kid off Skippy or Jif it will have been worth it! Most conventional peanut butters are full of salt, sugar, and palm oil- Fatso tastes better than most PB but has all the healthy stuff you want to cram into your kids without them saying GROOOSSSSS BUT I DONT WANNNNNA. Thanks to my buddies @ginnsy1 and @akirakuba for this stupid cute photo of Amelia- this kid kills me #healthykids

Okay friends! It’s time for you to put on your creative hats and show us what you’ve got! Y’all know I’m a lot obsessed with @eatfatso and I’m so excited cuz we have teamed up to bring you A RAD contest giveaway!
All you have to do is:
1. Follow @eatfatso and @lexyouup
2. Post a photo of your leather goods in action from Jovee (the more creative or random, or crazy travel photo the better!!) and tag @lexyouup (remember if you’re a private account we won’t see it so you have to be public)
@eatfatso And I will pick a winner on AUG 15th and they will get 6, YES 6 jars of @eatfatso And a $100 gift certificate to Jovee!! * contest available in Canadian only.
** if the winner is a non Victoria resident they assume shipping fees.
*** gift certificate for readymade leather goods only.

Our 1% FROM ME AND 1% FROM YOU campaign raised $820 for @qmunity ! HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE! Look forward to doing more campaigns like this!

All other pancakes can go home and hang their head in shame cuz @happyandhealthy96 just won Pancakedom (it’s a thing look it up).... guuuurl you know what’s up... and I love it. #pancakes

Oh heck yes. This Everything Smoothie featuring Fatso from @the6ixfit is one deadly jar of delicious! #Repost @the6ixfit
🍫 🥑 Everything But the Kitchen Sink Smoothie! 🥜 .
Put so much goodness into this I’m not sure what to call it. I am only having a little bit of it as a treat and then saving the rest in the fridge. 😝 It has:
• Choco portion is half an avocado blended with 1 frozen banana, 2 tbs cacao powder, half scoop vegan protein powder, dash of salt, dash of stevia and about a cup of water
• White portion has vanilla Greek yogurt and coconut milk blended together with a pinch of salt and dash of stevia
• Topped with @eatfatso, keto granola and cacao nibs

Wrapping up a killer weekend with my girl @jaclynmitchell17 at the @canwestgames ... can’t wait till next year! Time to get some staff so we can compete!

Gotta love a man who’s secure enough to wear a mint crop top without a hint of irony @bannonfit rocking his FASTO GEAR at @canwestgames

The @cftaranis crew representing at @canwestgames - stop by the @fitbalm and Fatso booths and say hello!

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