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some beer hack  Avatar: linocut by @gez.9 c.1990s (please don't assume endorsement unless explicitly told)

It’s just me…and OJ…kidding! it’s @tallboyandmoose’s NE IPA ‘Miasma’ :) thx Suzi x

Got this week’s zine-and-gulp review in early for a change - ‘what is a fruit, what is a vegetable’ and @oldwivesales ‘Old Man Yells At Cloud’ NEIPA phwoar, juicy!

Have a read, if you fancy: http://eatdrinkstagger.com/when-beer-and-edible-plants-have-existential-crises/

In this month’s episode of missed connections and assigning beer heteronormative roles, I found lots of cans of what I initially wanted to drink alongside @leelinchinofficial’s book for this month’s @frothbeermag but have to glam with what you’ve got at hand! …and the second half of a cute beer twin-set that @skbarsk featured at #beerclub last Sat. Totally not as cute as Sparkle Motion! :o
Some stories have delayed happy endings? *insert kawaii heart eyes here*

Just managed to sneak in a tea-and-zine review post…I feel like I should be more prepared for weekly blogging but it’s harder to make time for doing it when not feeling chirpy so a lot of the posts this year have been written when feeling pretty deflated, but isn’t this part of the problem with ‘high-functioning’ when you have a chronic mood disorder? Functioning highly in what? At sadness? Anxiety cooking bolognaise sauce from scratch, mid-week?***
This week’s tea and zine of choice…read below: http://eatdrinkstagger.com/why-be-happy-when-you-could-just-practise/
(short review: both were excellent) ***I anxiety cook and clean a lot! if you’re going to make bolognaise sauce from scratch, use a bottle of good red and simmer for eons.

Finally got my mitts on a copy of the latest @frothbeermag and did you know @leelinchinofficial has A BOOK AND IT FEATURES BEER HEAVILY?!?! <3 Retro glass tumbler, courtesy of my parents from 70s England (in case you couldn’t tell by its design).

It’s not really a proper beer review unless there’s a dorky photo of me involved, because I’m a consummate professional. Tried reeeeeally hard for my Cherchez La Femme tee to make it in, but gose bottle is biiiiiig! This month’s (Mar) @frothbeermag :)

Are your eyes burning? They should be! Late evening zine reads and mugs of tea are highly recommended for burnt out feels - Hook Up zine vol 1 with @bright_chocolate cacao tea; read more here: http://eatdrinkstagger.com/life-life-balance/

Back on brand! and being a filthy red :p um, I mean, drinking a red IPA...

Mood for this week’s zine review post: fierce, creative Asian ladies! You can read more at http://eatdrinkstagger.com/gigi-works-their-arse-off/ and also in next month’s @frothbeermag where I drank @andersonvalleybrewing G&T gose on ice in the name of research - latter should be about in first week of March.

I’d like to think that my cat wants to check out my poems in my contrib copies of @concretequeers zines, and @aunhien’s zine which came in yesterday’s mail. Am seriously excited every time a poem of mine is accepted into a CQ issue because LOOK AT THE COVERS! <3

It arrived! Come by to Brunswick St Bookstore on first Thu of March for @womenmn fem book club where I’ll be co-facilitating and we’re reading this book! <3

Hot pink on white: this week’s zine-drink post is short & sharp because I’ve spent most of the week in considerable pain due to overuse. It’s been a fairly miserable weekend!
Have a read here - http://eatdrinkstagger.com/those-overuse-blues/

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