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Gemma E. Mahadeo  Avatar: linocut by @gez.9 c.1990s. See/hear/read: @frothbeermag Vic beer wanker; chronic illness bard @ #EWF18 #qpf2018

aka ‘flute on a plane!’ An art task from @nicolehe’s machine after her @acmionline masterclass for #melnyc thingy last week.
Printout reads:
Good evening, human Gemma, scattered clouds tonight. The current Turnbull Tweet rating of 0.6 has affected the current Art Index, totalling 0.246480289349. I have determined the best art for this moment in time, with a rating of 0.25. Execute the following:
“Using the art world and these magical musical devices, build something herbal.” Better late than never? Last time I flew with a musical instrument was in 1996? (visual descriptor: a white, print-faded receipt on brown wallet & bench)

There are days when I love and look forward to my ‘job’. This week has been one of those weeks - got my @wmn_online #wmnfbc #inferior copy by @angeladsaini and another book for a popular musicological essay I’m planning to write, and start trials for a new job tomorrow. Then next week I get to read lots and poet more for @qldpoetryfest. Social media only sees the punches ‘up’: my day antidepressant has gone up (again) and I admitted to my psychiatrist that I don’t know why getting to do so much awesome shit isn’t enough to keep me well. There is one major deeply demotivating factor in my life that I play down a lot, as well as some other more obvious sexist and xenophobic ones…the stuff that’s always in the background not letting you celebrate unless you like parties of one.

visual descriptor: two books, one with a haunting face, the other with ‘inferior’ on a woman’s tee. Nestled on my pink and white square check jacket.

Out with the…, in with the…? Poetry/poetry: *always* (visual descriptor: two white books, same pattern but one red on its cover, the other black)

Confessions of a book nerd, the overdue half-yearly update. Short version: it’s been a bloody good reading year, and many of these were personal activist education or work-related. What book to start next? a question of considerable wonder and anxiety! (visual descriptor: Black bookcase shelf with multicoloured spines and sizes; second photo has some overflowing on shelf, bottom right corner)

Got a new Patreon supporter, which means one post written, and one more after is funded.
Just a casual Mon evening so I reviewed doughnuts, @glompress ‘Pizza Echoes’ by Michael Hawkins which I got last month at @junkycomics, and @redduckbeer ‘Sexy Thing’, a limited release chocolate dark ale with a teasingly moreish addition of chilli (I dig chilli burn SO BAD when I’m down!). Thanks to Zoe, @shereadsshenoms & @trevisnowhere, the link is now free to the public!

For those of you who don’t know, when not posing with questionable vegetables, I’m also a committee member for a grassroots fem org @wmn_online and we have a bookclub! #wmnfbc selection for August is #trainwreck by @sadydoyle - I had my feline bestie as company last night whilst reading the preface, she’s totally an intersectional femmo too, I guess!
If you can’t make it to our Thu meetings at @embiggenbooks or @brunswickstreetbookstore, no stress! Just follow along discussions by clicking on the hashtags #wmnfbc & #trainwreck (same on Twitter if that’s your jam). Happy reading, all!

visual descriptor: brown and white long-hair cat next to book with white cover and gender symbol for female in black on Sady Doyle’s book ‘Trainwreck’ - one symbol is askew and in pink.

I call this ‘queer lumbersexual meets Asian vegetable of their demise’. You thought aubergine was a big deal? Behold: the bitter melon. My baptism to its bitter cult was through ‘ginesang ampalaya’ - rice vermicelli noodle soup with bitter melon. I suspect my adult palate would deal with it more warmly (it was *very* bitter to taste, as a child). visual descriptor: light tan person with dark hair framing oval face in dark green checked flannelette shirt holding knobbly light green vegetable, looking slightly frightened.

zine-review-drink-post number 23 to go up soon thanks to new Patreon supporters <3
I (try to) review @sobah_aboriginal_beverages lemon aspen pilsner, and Cuntalope zine, issue 1 ‘Duality’ from Dec 2015.

visual descriptors: three photos, close-up details of empty beverage can; one photo of a pint glass, filled with froth and a centimetre of light honey-coloured liquid next to crumpled can; remaining two photos are front and back covers of zine. Front cover has woman in black leotard and leggings. Back has text in white on black background “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

Back on my the book-and-beer sheninagans at a fave local spot :) (visual descriptor: blue, paint pastel book ‘Quinn Eades - Rallying on benchtop next to glass of dark brown beer)

This doesn’t need a filter…really wanted to get this but I don’t need new books at the moment! I’m relearning Mozart’s Requiem and when I saw this title, it made me want to spontaneously sing “de poenis! de poenis in-ferrr-ni!”.
Ensemble nerds and innuendo = lifetime of awful jokes, soz!

visual descriptor: person holding bright purple hardback in palm of hand, with title ‘The Pen/is Mightier Than The Penis’ in pink and gold capital letters. There’s also a gold nib from a fountain pen on cover.

In case you thought I was joking - I picked up zines! What for, you ask? To match with drinks and blog about them! Hit up @junkycomics, fell in love with a poetry wishlist book at Avid (didn’t buy!), so yeah. PATREON PEEPS PLS <3

visual descriptor: three A5 booklet; left to right - a yellow and black one, a turquoise and neon pink one, a purple and black one against paper bag with ‘Junky’ stamped upside down, all on black table.

It turns out I now have TWO PAIRS of the ‘read books’ socks! Colour me gleeful?!?!
This week’s zine-drink review thanks to a new patient Patreon supporter is all about the black and white, and the burnt?


visual descriptor: black and white socks in clear plastic packaging with the word ‘books’ visible; front: T2 black and white sachet with ‘crème brûlée’ handwritten, and A5 photocopy black cover zine with words in white ‘Lin-Manuel Miranda Eldritch Erotica’. Bright blue and purple in background.

second photo: speckled benchtop, teabag filled with dark brown leaves with light brown tag.

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