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Rooster Cafe™  750 St Clair Street, Costa Mesa CA 92627 714-754-1944 American breakfast & lunch 7 days a week 7am-3pm. Friday and Saturday Nights from 7pm-2am.

Mahi mahi tacos with sriracha aioli, cabbage and fresh pico de gallo is the special today! Come try yours before they're gone 🌮

**Rooster Cafe is now serving fries!!** Come in tonight and get a side of our homemade fries or add them to your sandwich order. You're definitely going to want to upgrade yours with our Rosemary Parmesan rub or Cajun seasoning!

Can't decide what you want to eat tonight? Well you can have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Rooster! At night we serve from our full menu.. see you soon! 🌙

Don't be square, Come hang out tonight and tomorrow night. We're open at 7pm.
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Today's special is one of our weekend night time favorites and your going to love it! Come try our Beef Sliders with bacon, pepper jack, grilled onions, Sriracha aioli and a delicious side salad for only $10!

Come in, wake up and get ready for the night.
Open tonight from 7pm-2am.
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Come and get our famous Red Chili Chicken Chilaquiles for only $10.50 while we still have the sauce.

Come in and try our Sriracha Aioli Mahi Mahi Burger while we still have them.

Come in today with you Star Wars gear and celebrate May The 4th Be With You. #maythe4thbewithyou #stawarsfan #eatatrooster

Today's epic special: bacon breakfast burger 🍔 served with a side of house made red potatoes, come get yours before they're gone!!

Wishing a Happy 84th to the Red Headed Stranger, aka Willie Nelson. ...Still at it. Still an outlaw. .
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Breakfast for dinner is sounding really good on this cool Friday night! We're serving our full breakfast and lunch menu as well as our delicious dinner specials every Friday and Saturday night from 7pm-2am.. tonight we're doing our famous blackened chicken avocado cups, so come get 'em while you can 😉

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