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Assembly Chef's Hall™  👉 Assembly brings our best together in a first of its kind 18,000 sq ft chef's hall. 👉 Links, all the links! 👇👇👇

Channelling our inner Marie Kondo and tidying up these Sammies by eating them... If you don't judge then we won't judge. 😝. #EatResponsibly

@thegoodson_to bringing us the Irish pies ☘️Guinness soaked cheddar, broccoli rabe pesto, potatoes, pistachio, mozzarella, and a Guinness and balsamic glaze drizzled over top? Count us in. We're shamrockin' & rollin' tomorrow for our St. Paddy's Party. Doors open at 11 and it's FREE entry. #LinkInBio #EatResponsibly

King sized noms that @kingjames would approve of. Catch the @Raptors vs @Lakers game at 8pm in the Beer Hall. #EatResponsibly

All green everything. We're gearing up for the hottest St. Paddy's Day party in the 6ix with FREE entry. @djdoubleup will be spinning your favourite tunes. #LinkInBio #EatResponsibly

Keep your money for the beer and eats because this Saturday's St. Paddy's party has FREE entry. ☘️ It's first come first serve. #LinkInBio #EatResponsibly

Last year the chefs went all out on their St. Paddy's eats. This year, they've got your back and are bringing the fire again. Get in on our St. Paddy’s party with FREE entry this Saturday all day long.🔥#LinkInBio #EatResponsibly

Tonight we're gonna paint, paint, paint the city with your birthday bubbly. 🍾 #LinkInBio #EatResponsibly

@shortandsweetcupcakes giving us those lucky buttercream dreams.🌛 #EatResponsibly

We’re celebrating St. Paddy’s this Saturday with a party for you all day long. 🍻

With our clique we know how to party. Say buh bye to all those boring corporate outings. 👋 #LinkInBio #EatResponsibly

Gameday snacks so sexy even The Klaw wants to FEAST. Raptors vs Rockets tip-off at 8 pm in the Beer Hall.

Some people call it jitter juice, we like to think of it as liquid energy. ☕ #EatResponsibly

The luck of the Irish will never run out with this beauty. @ramenisshinassembly will keep you fuelled for our St. Paddy’s party. #EatResponsibly

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