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Eat Train Live Meal Delivery  🍽GTA's Most Delicious, Healthy Meal Delivey Service 💪Fitness-Certified PT ❤️Naturopathic Services & Nutritional Counselling

Thinking about becoming a vegetarian or vegan? Check out our #protip from @dr.candicend

First, be sure to consult with your Naturopath, or family Doctor to be sure this type of meal plan is right for you; not everyone thrives on a plant-based diet. 👩🏽‍⚕️
Second, consider adding the following supplements to your daily regime. 💊 ——————————————-
B12: Plant foods do not contain B12 and low levels can cause anemia and lead to brain fog and sluggishness. 💡
Iron:  Dietary iron has two main forms: heme and nonheme. Plants and iron-fortified foods contain nonheme iron only, whereas meat, seafood, and poultry contain both nonheme iron as well as heme iron which is more easily absorbed. 🥗
Vitamin D: Yes you can get ‘some’ from sunshine, but many people on a plant based diet maybe have low levels as the main source in food comes from fatty fish and some fortified dairy products. ☀️
Omega 3’s (Specifically EPA and DHA): Again, the main dietary source is fatty fish and fish oil so consider vegan sourced supplement. 🥒
Vegan protein-many of my plant-based friends find it difficult to get enough protein.  Adding a clean source of vegan protein to your day can help you reach your daily recommended values. 💪🏽 For more information you can reach out to Doctor Candice through the LIVE page at
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EAT TRAIN LIVE is here to get you summer ready with our Spring into Summer Sale.
Simply enter SPRING15 at check out and receive 15% off any of our regular or vegetarian meal plans, one week or auto renew subscriptions included.
All meals are wheat, soy, dairy, hormone, antibiotic and GMO, FREE!
Offer ends May 31st. 📸 Vegetarian Chile Lime Tacos
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I have to tell you something!
Yes, eating portion controlled, nutrient dense food is good for you...blah blah blah!
But on top of that, meal delivey from is convenient AF!
I work 10 hour days. The last thing I want to do is come home and first figure out what to make, then prep, then cook!
With I walk in the door and 5 minutes later my dinner literally looks like this picture!
So yes, order from us because our food is prepared fresh by professionals with your health in mind! But also because we know you work your ass off and need and deserve some down time when you get home!
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This fan favourite is on the menu next week! Don’t forget to place your orders before 6:00 PM! .
Moroccan Cod with Chickpea Ragout 📸 @e_fancy .
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Don’t take our word on how great is!
Head over to our Google reviews and see what our clients have to say!
Real reviews from real customers! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Not only do we feed you great food we provide amazing customer service! 🏆

See for yourself why we are the fastest growing and most delicious meal delivery service in the GTA!
Enter INTRO at checkout and receive 15% off your first order! 🍴💪🏽❤️
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Who needs a photographer when your clients send you pictures like this!?😍 It’s #mealprepmonday
and this photo is a great reminder that even though our food comes in convenient “on the go” containers it’s always great to take the time to plate your food & sit and eat mindfully.
Mindful eating has been shown to reduce stress, aid with digestion and help with weight loss.
Plus it gives you an opportunity to take magazine worthy photos of your meals!
.📸 @sashaexeter
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Happy Friday food family!!! To do list for the weekend:

EAT: cook some great food!!!
TRAIN: have a great workout-dance run lift whateva, just sweat!!!
LIVE: make great memories!!!
Workouts and great food are best shared with your family and friends! 👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧👭👫
#eattrainlive #eatrighttrainsmartlivewell
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Today is #ThirstyThursday 🍹and we want to share some of our favourite smoothies recipes with you. Todays recipe is brought to you by our very own @lindseykee Vanilla and green pea protein smoothie bowl 🌱 🥑
Vanilla fermented vegan protein (Progressive) 100g of frozen green peas 100g Frozen cauliflower
Handful of spinach
40g of avocado
Stevia to taste Topped with 40ml granola (@purelyelizabeth) and 1 crumbled (@quaker)rice.
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Deliveries are on the way!
If you are like me you are over the turkey and ready to get back to your normal routine!
I ate! I drank! And I loved every minute of it! But now I’m ready to get back to business. Amazing food, fresh ingredients that leave me feeling fulfilled not full!
#eatrighttrainsmartlivewell 📸 Baked Cod & Bok Choy with Maple Tahini dressing!!
#nofilters #justgreatingredients

Surround yourself with people who lift you up, inspire you and who leave you feeling full of positivity!
Hosted a bunch of baddass women for our inaugural #womenwhoslay event! It was amazing getting to know everyone a bit better and to be able to take away a little something form each of their stories.
@traineredith @irina_fit @fit4thoughtpod @alyssa_raye_productions @doe.fawn @stephmarieoh @maya_nutrition
Thank you all for a wonderful night!

Need some post workout fuel?? Want to treat your clients or team members to a little something special?
Talk to one of our team members about your in office/in gym and corporate catering options!
Link in our bio!


That is all! Have a great weekend!

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