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The flu has really tuckered this guy right out, so he managed to get most of the way onto the couch for a mid morning nap. @jmariewhat_

Our whole family may have the flu this Valentine's Day, but my lil lady always lights up the room anyway. I love you @jmariewhat_

Lil dude lookin fresh for toddler school today. @jmariewhat_

@jmariewhat_ wanted some restaurant style Mexican. Top is a chicken quesadilla with a jalapeño sauce. Bottom is chicken fajitas. Also includes made from scratch refried beans and some bagged rice. Chicken cooked sous vide at 146 degrees for 1.5 hours before finishing on the skillet. #nofilter

Sorry for the hacked spam earlier. As recompense here is a food pic. Beef short rib cooked sous vide at 144 degrees for 30 hours with a homemade jous from the drippings. Literally fell apart. Shoutout to @jmariewhat_ for the mashed taters and squash! Oh and #nofilter

Lil dude taking dada to his room for story time @jmariewhat_

My son lives in a world where the Cubs are world champions. I am still in awe of the incredible game that lived up to every bit of its historical significance. #gocubsgo

Sunday funday with @jmariewhat_ and Jack Attack

This gas pump seems to be having an existential crisis #hanginthere


Almost ready to move in vibes with @jmariewhat_

New dadchievement unlocked @jmariewhat_