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Easy Breathing  ☹Ain’t no shame in holding onto grief, as long as you make room for other things too. ☹inspired: 3 lovely ppl ☹ ily

This is so cute & completely true. If I can do it,'so can you. We will get through this together💕

THIS IS DISGUSTING. GOD I HATE THIS SO FUCKING MUCH. "Girls are overreacting they are treated equally" really?? You call this equal?? Many women have created/invented amazing things but would they ever put that on a list? No. & nice job making penicillin, my sister is deathly allergic to that shit. Women have "built great structures" too. Women have gone to space. Women die all the time in war for their fellow soldiers. But why are we good for?? Getting likes on Facebook? Interesting how MEN are the ones putting women's pictures on Facebook and MEN are the ones liking the pictures and oversexualizing women. This is fucking disgusting. I don't have to be a feminist to see how wrong this is. Wake up people, this is fucking happening.

I won't be fine. I haven't been fine for a long time. For awhile I thought I was ok but it was all bullshit. I'm not fine, I won't be okay, & I can't do this .

I only have one day left of vaca and I'm scared to go home bc I feel like no one misses me or will even acknowledge me. Maybe they don't even want me to come home.

If you've made it this far, I know you can make it a little longer😘

If you repost pls give creds bc I drew this haha😊 thank youu!

I thought a boy loved me once and he would always try to help me. Then he used me and never spoke to me again. Love is the greatest thing, huh? :-)))))

This is rlly cute but it makes me really sad bc the last guy I liked wouldn't kiss me bc he was sick and I literally had to try to sneak in a peck and he would push me away and then like a week later he ended things lol shoulda seen it cominn

Me me mee meme rn I want to die and I easily could right now I want to I probably should I'm so done

Idk how much longer I can stay strong. Idek if I Can make it through the night. I'm sick of breathing. I just want to fucking die

I tend to hold in my feelings like this a lot😷 I hope u all know Ilysm and u can ALWAYS be honest with your feelings to me💕

Comment the initials of whoever killed what was good in you😡 mine are JC.

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