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Bam bam ✖ Dreami ✖ Stormi  📍SG Bam Bam ︱ Male Toy Poodle ︱ 31/10/12 Dreami ︱ Female F2 Pomsky ︱ 10/8/18 Stormi ︱ Female F1 Pomsky ︱ 6/3/19

T-30 DAYS! We can’t wait 🥳

Anyway, we have decided on her name. Let’s officially welcome Stormi 🌨 - the grumpiest of pomskies to our family! Can’t wait to see her interactions with Bam Bam and Dreami!

Finally back to my weekly walks with @waggingpaws. Happiest when I’m out with the pack. Check out our big mane! ✨💛 Also, noticed that I’m always in my own world 🤭 I think it’s a family thing. Even bam bam does the same. We are the only two not facing the camera in the group shot 😂

Erm, you're giving me the leash to go walk myself is it? Not exactly sure how to react right now 😰 help...

5 months old today but so much bigger than my 6 years old brother hehe oppsie! Bully me somemore, one day I'm gonna eat you up 😁

My sister started crate training today, while I'm out here running about hahaha. My Monday is terrrriiiiiific 👌🏼😁

Do y'all like it when I smile... or not?

Goggles game going strong 😎

Being a model is tough job 💭

Potty training during x'mas eve, humans why y'all so evil? 😭

All dressed up in @nanacolove and ready for Christmas Eve! 🌲

The difference between a seasoned dog and a newbie when it comes to taking pictures. Dreami's struggle is real😂

Attained new milestone today. Peed on my bed so the humans wouldn't find any pee spot lying around at home. Smart right? 😎

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