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Eastern Toybox  Curating Muslim Toys since 2011 🌎 FairTrade ♻️ EcoFriendly ✋🏽 HandMade Toys, books and accessories Available @thedatepalm @shopmodah and online 👇🏽


❤️A little Monday morning math 😉😂❤️

❤️Have you seen these new Sahaba Cards?!❤️ An excellent resource for learning about 34 lives of the foremost men and women Companions of the Prophet (saw). Multiple ways of playing interactive games to aid learning!! Check it out in store @thedatepalm or online @easterntoybox Shop is open today from 12-6pm see you soon iA 🙋🏽🌴

🌴How's your Snow Day going so far??😁❄️... Do your lil' ones need some extra coverage?? Check out these adorable bearded toques 😆😍 Made by our talented Syrian sisters in Turkey @openarmskayseri 😊❤️ may Allah swt bless all their efforts and reward them abundantly iA ameen 🙏🏽 Now on sale 15% off come in 2 sizes baby 👶🏽 and toddler 👦🏽!! Shop open today from12-6 pm drive safe and see you soon iA 🙋🏽🌴❄️

❤️May Allah swt bless them and preserve them, shower them with His infinite mercy as they have shown mercy to us well into their old age...ameen ❤️🙏🏽👵🏽👴🏽❤️ Shop is open today from 12-6pm see you soon iA 😊💕

❤️We have the cutest baby cards in the shop by @madewithhab a perfect pairing for your next baby gift purchase with us ❤️ Shop is open today from 12-6pm stop by to see the full collection of new Islamic greeting cards! See you soon iA 🙋🏽🌴

❤️Truly such a beautiful piece of art and toy❤️ Helps lil ones to nurture a love and bond with the masjid mA! Available in store and online. Shop open today from 12-6pm see you soon iA 😊💕

❤️Yes... Very interesting 😐 let the weekend shenanigans begin!! 😆😭😕😂 Shop is open today from 12-6pm see you soon iA 😊🌴

❤️Smile! It's also Jummah 😆❤️ Shop is open today from 12-6pm see you soon iA 😊🌴 available in-store and online! 📷@Handmadebeginnings

❤️Have you met Safiya?! She's such a sweet soul mA❤️ She gives great hugs and is an excellent listener mA 😊 what more could a little girl ask for?! Shop is open today from 12-5pm see you soon iA 😊🌴

❤️Happy Hump Day🐪 ....alllllmost there! You got this iA 💪🏽 This cutie camel has endless fun and laughs, as we watch her go down the ramp! No motors or wind ups, just gravity doing her thing 😉 all wood and fairtrade! Available online or in-store. Shop is open from 12-6pm today see you soon iA ☺️🌴

❤️🌳The Prophets Tree Puzzle🌳❤️ This wonderful puzzle incorporates the 25 named Prophets in the Quran into the brightly coloured branches and leaves. English on one side, Arabic on the other. The high quality craftsmanship makes for a great gift to give or to simply have for years to come iA. Available online and in store. Shop is open tomorrow from 12-6pm see you then iA 😊🙋🏽

❤️Jummah Mubarak❤️ May all of Allah's Deputies stay strong... duas on this blessed Friday 😊🙏🏽

❤️GIVEAWAY TIME❤️ We've teamed up with the insanely talented @amalalbaz mA! Check out the details @amalalbaz on how to enter!! Like both our IG pages, open worldwide ☺️🌍 All the best iA!!

❤️Loving how there are more novels coming out for us to relate to through the lens of culture and religion❤️ have a flip through these pages and swing by @lakiikhan for more details ☺️👌🏽

❤️New onesies hitting the shelves this weekend iA❤️ look for some old favourites and some new favourites-to-be iA 😊👌🏽 Shop is open today from 12-6pm

❤️Life since the beginning of time, has been a Giant Journey❤️ Help your lil' ones navigate and explore all the Prophets that are mentioned in the Quran via this puzzle 😍👌🏽Shop is open today until 6pm or order online 😊 we ship worldwide 🌐

❤️LOVE everything about this whimsical nursery by @thejungalow 😍👌🏽🌴 From the tassel details throughout, to the starry night mural and all the foliage in between 😍👌🏽🌴

❤️Happy New Year to you and your loved ones❤️ Looking forward to what new journey lies ahead 🐪 and grateful to be sharing it all with you ❤️ Alhamdulillah 😊

❤️Jummah Mubarak❤️ Time for an end of week rejuvenation Alhamdulillah! Keep us in your duas 💕🙏🏽 Shop is open from 12-6 pm today. See you soon iA 🙋🏽

❤️Many family members and friends are off to Umrah❤️ May Allah swt accept their ibadaat and duas iA ameen 🙏🏽 Such a gem of a book to explain and demonstrate all the rites of Umrah MA 👌🏽💕 Comes with a poster and small activity in the back. Shop is open today from 12-6pm Still some clearance deals going on in store! See you soon iA 🙋🏽

❤️Less than an hour away 😆!! In-Store Boxing Day Sales!! All Onesies $12!! $2, $3 and $5 Clearance Bins on Eid/Ramadan decor, stamps, banners, and even chocolate molds 😆! 25% off all children's books and toys with min purchase of $50 😆!! ONE DAY ONLY!! Open today from 12-8pm See you soon IA 🙋🏽🌴

❤️Cuz we're all about the Box 😆❤️ Tomorrow we are having a HUGE in store sale @thedatepalm!! ALL children's books and toys are 25% off with a min purchase of $50!! ALL Onesies $12 😱!! Annnnnd $2, $3, $5 Dollar Eid/Ramadan Bins includes stamps, stickers, swirly decor, banners and even chocolate molds!! 😆👌🏽Shop will be open from 12-8pm for your convenience! Come early for best selection. Plus tons of other sales throughout the shop! Checkout 👉🏽 @thedatepalm for more sale details See you then iA 🙋🏽🌴

❤️Just a couple of these left @risconvention today!! Make sure to stop by @shopmodah booth #915, 917, 1014, 1016 to pick up your favourites! Shop is also open from 12-6pm see you soon iA! 🙋🏽

❤️The most adorablest winter hats have arrived mA! 😍👌🏽 8 different patterned colours to choose from! In toddler and baby sizes 👶🏽👦🏽 Handmade supporting our Syrian sisters in Turkey AH. Checkout these cuties @risconvention checkout @shopmodah If you're not at RIS, no worries! Stop by @thedatepalm open all weekend 12-6pm see you soon iA 🙋🏽

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