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East Coast Lineman  Keeping you turned on in the East! Home of the not so famous Bobby! ***Negativity or bashing of others will get you blocked***

Just a friendly reminder 🤓 #eastcoastlineman

My first day on the job I had Harbor Freight tools, my foreman took them and threw them in the woods 😂 @asap_rell910 you remember that? #eastcoastlineman #highclasslinetrash #linelife #linetrash

Yep he knew exactly what they were saying! Typical lineman talk 🤣 good stuff brother thanks for sharing this with me!! #Repost @countryasslatino_ with @get_repost
Both my lineman havin a convo. I couldnt hear them but im pretty sure it sounded like this.😂⚡️👷🏾‍♂️ (BTW Kleins are lineman Pliers)😂 @east_coast_lineman #LinemanHumor

A good friend of mine sent me this today, she is working on a custom cup for me. She’s almost done with it and I can’t wait to see the final product! May have one available for a giveaway soon 👍🏼 #eastcoastlineman

See what had happened was..... 🤷🏼‍♂️ #eastcoastlineman #linetrash #linelife #highclasslinetrash #lineman

New T-shirts in stock!!! Only sizes available are L, XL and 2XL

These will not last long!

These are $20 shipped
See next slide for payment instructions 👍🏼 #eastcoastlineman #lineman #linetrash #linelife #highclasslinetrash

Bobby is on his way to a hardhat near you today! #eastcoastlineman #bobby

#Repost @simms_jimmy with @get_repost
In to work a little early for a broke pole. I never get sunrises like this out where I live. #sunrise #linelife #nashville #thenations #eastcoastlineman

Well it looks like I’ll be heading out to Indiana as a guest for Whiskey City Utility in September to meet some badass pole dancers and watch how the Whiskey City guys do it! Who’s going? #Repost @whiskeycity with @get_repost
September 27,28 & 29. Hope y’all are ready to have a real good time. Music, Cowboys, Lineman, Great People and Family. We’re About to Have a Real Good Time!

Bobby is looking for a home on your hardhat or cooler..... 2 for $6
4 for $10

Send money through PayPal to address:


Include address and name in the notes section #eastcoastlineman

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