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dani lafrance  CRH💘 adventure awaits 👽🌸

While we were in Orlando we went to Pulse to pay respects. There was a huge group of people there playing music and giving out wristbands and hugs; they also had a table for painting rocks to leave as a memorial. I haven't been to a location that made my heart feel so heavy since I went to the 9/11 memorial. God bless the people that set up this beautiful memorial. #OrlandoUnited #HugsNotHate


Literally one of the best, most special nights of my life. Thank you so much my loves💖 #patd2k17

Being loved by the right man saved me from self harm and destructive behaviors, it saved me from myself. He pierced my heart, consumed me with warmth and filled every empty void in my soul. He taught me how to love myself. True love never dies.💘

why is he so perfect?💘

My life is going wonderfully so I splurged on a Mia Clarisonic, Kheil's grapefruit whipped body butter, an iridescent blue Urban Decay lipstick from their Vintage collection, a thick Crayola coloring book and a 40 pack of nice Crayola markers to go with it😎 #treatyoself

This is the man that formally asks me out on a date to the Treasure Island Fun Center when my depression gets really bad. This is the man that plays with my hair and does grounding exercises when I'm having a flashback due to my PTSD. This is the man that gets me the snacks and drinks I'm craving when my endometriosis is acting up. This is the man that gets me ginger ale when my back hurts so bad I vomit and rubs my back to help the pain. This is the man that asks my opinion about mods to his car, plans he makes, car events he wants to go to; the man that wants my opinion and reassurance on everything. This is the man that asks me to cuddle him every single night before we go to sleep without fail.
This is the man that I am truly, madly, deeply in love with.💖

Three bags of salad, two cartons of eggs boiled, a bag of celery cut, sautéed balsamic mushrooms, cut tomatoes, three salt and vinegar cucumbers cut, two roasted eggplant, sautéed zucchini, three bags of sesame brussel sprouts, two bags of sautéed spicy kale and lemon pepper chicken; I'm not fucking around💪🏼💖

The perfect day with my wise and beautiful baby sister. We got our nails done together, a sophisticated gel manicure for her and she picked out my claws. Then an adventure in the Oriental Market before heading to Sonny's for ribs, because my baby wanted ribs and by God I was going to get them for her. Jamming out in the car and goofing off in Walgreens before taking her home. I love this little girl with my entire heart and soul, I can't think of a better way to spend the day 💖

love u.

babe's good with the candids

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